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Mrs. Bean's Bookshelf - The Inside Ring

By Judy Bean

August 11, 2016

At the suggestion of the Pueblo Chieftain, I tried a book by an author previously unknown to me.   Mike Larson, a Pueblo native, retired from a nuclear engineering job with the U.S. Navy.

   He had been writing for about 10 years before he got a book deal.  In 2005, The Inside Ring was published.  Since I like to start at the beginning, I read that book first.  Joe DeMarco is Larson's crime solving hero in 11 novels.  In The Inside Ring, Demarco works for the Speaker of the House, Mahoney, and is assigned to get to the bottom of who is behind an assassination attempt on the President.  As usual, politics get in the way of cooperation and transparency in the investigation. Many block the path of DeMarco since there is speculation about the authenticity of a warning of the assassination attempt. Who knew what and when can lead to political suicide; so many of DeMarco's questions do not get direct or truthful answers.   The reader feels that DeMarco is very human, reading his thoughts about his personal life and relationships with his acquaintances, including the very intriguing Emma.  So many novels now seem to lack an interesting and unpredictable plot, but Larson does not disappoint.  The only thing better than a good book is the discovery of an author that can provide several good books.  I've already started his second political thriller, The Second Perimeter.  Judy Bean

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