Behind the Grindstone: True Love

| Bill Bunting | Behind the Grindstone
They acted like newlyweds
Though they’d been married forty years
They’d hung onto each other
Through the laughter and the tears

All in His Perfect Timing

| Administrator | Breanna Echols
As I sit here drinking my oh so favorite beverage, coffee, on this very early morning, I’m reflecting on what a whirlwind the last few years have been for us.

Long Time Gone & Powerful Stories of Love

| Administrator | Long Time Gone
Valentine’s Day has come again to the High Plains and Arkansas Valley of Southeastern Colorado. In recognition of this love-filled day we dug up one of our favorite Long Time Gone articles written by Priscilla Waggoner five years ago—in February of 2019.

Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter: One Big Step

| GK Harkness | Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter
There’s terrifying and then there’s Terrified.

The Postscript: Walking Through the Snow

| Carrie Classon | The Postscript
It was snowing hard, the way it almost never does anymore, and I decided I needed to go for my walk, heedless of the weather.

Prayers for You

| Breanna Echols | Breanna Echols
These are the prayers that overtake my heart and soul for you.

Happy Trails with Dawni O'Bryan: SECO Crocodile Browndee

| Dawni O'Bryan | Happy Trails With Dawni O'Bryan
I guess you could call him a cross between Crocodile Dundee and Marlin Perkins of Wild Kingdom. Lloyd Brown has led an interesting and exciting life wrangling critters outside of his normal cattle and horses.

Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter

| GK Harkness | Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter
It’s cold outside today. And I have a cold.

Behind the Grindstone: New Year's Resolution

| Administrator | Behind the Grindstone
Time has passed—The clock has ticked
We’re starting a year brand new

Borderlines: The Passenger

| GK Harkness | Borderlines: Sketches from the Empty Quarter
I was tired.

Behind the Grindstone: Cow Country Santa

| Administrator | Behind the Grindstone
The old man and his grandson
Sittin’ in a reclinin’ chair
A place of close contentment
They spent time together there

Behind the Grindstone: Born in the Night

| Bill Bunting | Behind the Grindstone
The night is dark— as the herders sleep
Trusting in—the dogs to keep

Long Time Gone and the Holiday Tournament that Defines Christmas in Southeast Colorado

| Betsy Barnett | Long Time Gone
This original piece was written in 2018 and defined the Lamar Holiday Basketball Tournament in all its glory. Unfortunately, the tournament was forced to take a leave of absence in December of 2020, but was generally back, if not hesitantly so, last year 2021.

Behind the Grindstone: Deacon

| Bill Bunting | Behind the Grindstone
The old man settin’ there on the porch
His hair and mustache white
The young man with a pencil and pad
Lookin’ for a story to write

Long Time Gone and Those Destined to Bring the Christmas Cantata to a Community

| Betsy Barnett | Long Time Gone
For over 60 years, Eads, and specifically the United Methodist Church in Eads, was the home to the annual Christmas Cantata. Tommy and Philomene Liesen directed the multi-community choir for most of those years.

As Time Goes by with Rich O'Brian: So, Who are We Now? Part 2

| Rich O'Brian | As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian
Last week I cited some of the somewhat disturbing trends I have found in our culture. I made it known I assumed that, while they were problematic to me, I would understand if no one else seemed troubled by them.
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