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  • 2020 Continues to Disrupt School Traditions

2020 Continues to Disrupt School Traditions

The Eads High School community made the most of a non-traditional 2020 Homecoming week as they battled through wearing facemasks on the dress up days, limitations on all their events, a cold windy pep rally that turned into the actual crowning of the King and Queen, and an impromptu away football game.  Oh, and forget about a Homecoming Dance.  But through it all these resilient Eads students (and staff---do not forget the staff) took it all in stride, created a lot of fun and good memories and, most of all, maintained some semblance of an important school tradition keeping it alive for the next groups of youngsters coming up behind them. Eagle pride is alive and well!

Winners of the dress up days were as follows: (Monday) Roaring 20s for Upperclassmen – Mollie Kelley and Brandon Lening (sr.), Ty Wilson (jr.), Maggie Haase (so.) Babies for Freshman class – Brentley Lening.  (Tuesday) – Super 70s for Upperclassmen – Brad Musgrave (sr.), Donte Sierra (jr.), Kylie McKibben (so.) and Hippies for Freshmen – Nathan Lowe.  (Wednesday) Fantastic Future for Upperclassmen – Colby Stoker (sr.), Kyra Sheridan and Rhaelie Rittgers (jr.), Brenden Reifsneider (so.), and Golden Girls for Freshmen – Will Elam.  (Thursday) Spirit Day for all – Hatch Nelson (sr.), Chase Stolzenberger (jr.), AJ Vasquez (so), and Keenan Smith (fr.).

The senior class of 2021 were the winners of the Class with Class contest that measures school spirit, participation in dress up days and other contributions such as a skit and game results. 

The Homecoming court consisted of seniors Hatch Nelson and Mollie Kelley; Brandon Lening and Amber Kopasz; and Damien Barnes and Ally Spady.  The underclassmen royalty were juniors Donte Sierra and Crystal Watson; sophomores John Brown and Piper Sorter; and freshmen Andrew Grant (filling in for Will Elam) and Madison McDowell. 

The 2020 King is Damien Barnes, and the 2020 Queen is Ally Spady.