Christmas All Year Long

By Hadlie Rittgers

December 2, 2020

Oh, the bright lights, the snow-covered trees, the sound of cheerful music, and the sweet smell of  grandma’s home-made apple pie. It’s Christmas just the most wonderful time of year! For most people, Christmas truly IS the most wonderful time of year. There is so much joy, kindness, and PRESENTS to share. But did you know that the average American spends $700 on Christmas gifts a year? Or that charitable donations are 42% higher in the months of November and December than any other months throughout the year? So what is it about Christmas that causes people to be extra kind or more giving?

Some may say it’s the bright lights and decorations, while others might say it’s the cold weather and beautiful white snow. No matter the reason, we can do better about being kind and giving throughout the entire year. We should have the same joy, kindness, generosity, and faith that we do during the holiday season all year round. We should be positive and look for the silver lining in all things all year long. We should be kind to people because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s almost Christmas and we feel obligated to. We should be willing to give when we aren’t being given to. We should celebrate Jesus and praise the Lord at all times because He deserves all the glory and honor forever and ever, Amen. 

So how can we fix this, how can we keep the Christmas spirit all year round? To start, we need to change our mentality about Christmas and it being the time for joy, kindness, generosity, and faith. We need to change our mindset to that these things should be done daily instead of just being directly tied to Christmas. After a change in mindset, we each have to take it appon ourselves to carry out the small acts of kindness that will keep the Christmas spirit alive throughout the entire year. You might be wondering what exactly I mean by acts of kindness. I mean doing the same things you would usually do in November and December throughout the entire year like giving gifts, donating, and just having a positive and joyful attitude. 

I challenge you to think about ways you can keep the Christmas spirit all year round. Whether it’s giving to a charity in May or giving a gift to someone that needs it in August, these small acts of kindness are a step in the right direction. I hope everyone stays safe and gets to enjoy time with family this holiday season and I wish you all a great year to come!

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