By Betsy Barnett

2021-04-21 16:01:26

Every person across the world knows how desolate and lonely the last year has been.  Here in Kiowa County, we were spared from a lot of the stringent lockdowns and loss of liberties that many citizens even in Colorado were subject to.  However, many of us did not escape feelings of sadness and loneliness as the weeks and months of the pandemic dragged on.  One thing we learned for sure and certain---people need people. 
“We need to gather again,” states Jimmy Brown.  “We’re finally in the green and under no mandates and life is returning to normal.  It’s time to celebrate.”
Brown tells of a time in the community back when he was a child when the people would get together in each other’s houses.  “Every Friday evening my folks and some of their friends played cards.  They would take turns at each other’s houses, prepare food, and play----and talk.  They socialized.” 
Brown continues, “Those days slowly went by the wayside, but there were a lot of people that decided they wanted to continue with get-togethers.  In 2007, they started coming to Prairies Pines each month.  There they began to gather around the piano and sing and had so much fun just being with one another that more people kept coming each month.”
Brown thinks there is no better time to bring back that tradition of socializing and singing together.  “It’s time to celebrate and enjoy being with people again.”
Brown, who is well-known as a tremendous musician in his own right, is bringing some of the best musicians from across the area to the Praise Community Church on Sunday, April 25th where they’re just going to play good, old fashioned music from a number of Christian genres.  They invite people from all over to come, join in the singing with these amazing musicians, and have a little fun. 
According to Brown, “This is not a church service.  It’s for anyone to come in and join the musicians and start singing.  The words to the various songs will be projected on the wall and everyone, no matter how well you sing, is encouraged to participate.  It’s a good old-fashioned sing-along.  If you can sing “Three Blind Mice,” a well-known song performed in the round, you are ready for this event. 
What better way to come out of the pandemic and the lonely months of isolation than to join together among friends, eat some good food and sing inspirational songs? 
Sunday, April 25 at 3:00 pm



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