Senior year

By Rhealie Rittgers

September 29, 2021

I’ve been waiting for this year since I can remember. Every day at school was just one day closer to becoming a senior. How could I not be excited? Senior year is the year of planning senior sneak, taking senior pictures, participating in senior ditch day, going on college visits, and making decisions about the future. 

Then, before I knew it, I made it to my senior year. Already, I’ve experienced many firsts this year. I’ve had my first-class meeting about the senior trip. I’ve taken my senior pictures. My class and I have already participated in our senior ditch day. I’ve been planning several college visits. All of these “firsts” have made it easy to forget about the “lasts” I would be experiencing this year. 

It wasn’t until I sold my animals at the Kiowa County Fair that I realized that there were many “lasts” I would have to face this year. After I sold my animals, I realized that I wouldn’t show animals ever again. Then before I knew it, I was celebrating my last homecoming week. I’ll forever cherish the memories I have of our class decorating our wall and creating our pep rally skit. I’ll always remember the feeling I had when my name was being announced for the last time during the royalty ceremony. As my parents were walking me down the field, I couldn’t help but to think about all the things I would miss after this year. 

Pretty soon, I will experience my last sports event, school bus ride, and prom; all leading up to my last walk down the halls of Eads High. It really saddens me to think about the things I will never experience again.

Everyone always says to enjoy it while you’re there, that they wish they would’ve listened to that advice while they were in high school. It’s not until you are at your last homecoming, fair, banquet, or sports event that you wish you would have listened to this advice. If only I would have enjoyed decorating my class’s wall just a little bit more. If only I wouldn’t have taken for granted all those late-night bus rides. 

If only I would’ve known the feeling I feel now as I experience all these lasts. In reality, no matter how involved a person is or how much they cherished the times they had in high school, every person will still be faced with these “if onlys”. 

The most important thing I’ve learned so far this year is that you need to enjoy what’s going on now, look forward to what is coming in the future, and accept the things that have yet to become your past.   

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