We Saved You a Seat

By Lori Elder

August 17, 2022

Maine Street in Eads was filled with cars owned by women from across the county Sunday evening as they attended the launch event for The Table at the Senior Center. As women were entering, they were greeted by the leaders who gathered names for door prizes which were given out throughout the night. The aroma of a meal that included many fresh fruits and vegetables was calming as seats were being filled for a night of fellowship. Kelli Jensen, a Table leader, welcomed the women and prayed over the meal. Once the meal was enjoyed and cupcakes were in hand, Lori Elder and Katy Reynolds, founders of The Table, spoke to the crowd of 75 about God’s vision for community and how the women of Tribune, Kansas have been changed by the act of consistently meeting together, deepening their relationships with one another and Christ. Alicia James and Kelli Jensen, leaders, were welcomed to the front to speak on their experience in being a part of The Table and how the Lord has changed their relationships and allowed them to be their true, authentic selves.

 Beginning the week of September 11th, the women of Eads and surrounding communities will begin the 12-week study Find Your People by Jennie Allen. Brenda Fickenscher, leader, spoke to the women about the 12-week study and the intake cards that help the leaders understand when they need to be available. Andrea Buller joined Brenda and shared that the 12-week study requires the following: Find Your People book, answer 3 simple questions per week, complete a challenge (ex: go to lunch with a friend), 1.5 hours of your time per week and a desire to connect with women in your community. Pam Weirich, leader, shared with the women in the audience the importance of being in community with other women. Stating, “loneliness is real” but it is not what the Lord desires for us. As the night was coming to a close Jennifer Crow, leader, prayed over the women in the building but for those who were unable to attend. 

If you would like to know more about The Table and beginning the Find Your People study with a group in September reach out to one of the following leaders: Alicia James, Andrea Buller, Brenda Fickenscher, Brenda Stoker, Jennifer Crow or Pam Weirich.

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