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The varsity team of Brianna Wilson, Maggie Haase, and Brenden Reifschneider finished third at the Plainview knowledge bowl competition.
Sue Fox

Eads Knowledge Bowl at Swink and Plainview Tournaments

By Sue Fox

October 19, 2022

The high school knowledge bowl season kicked off with competitions at Swink and Plainview. Knowledge bowl is an academic competition that includes a written test and three to four rounds during which students answer questions presented orally by a reader. Three teams compete in each room, each trying to answer the most questions correctly within the time allowed. After each round, the scores are totaled and the top three teams compete against one another in one room, the next three teams compete in the next room, etc. The team with the highest cumulative score wins the competition.

Eads High School took a single team to Swink. Maggie Haase, Brenden Reifschneider, Breanna Wilson, Colin Nelson, and Eric Murdock competed at the opening meet. The team competed well, but did not score enough points to place in the top three.

Plainview hosted the second competition. Between COVID and not having a high school team last year, it had been a while since Plainview held a meet. The Plainview team members were Ky Harkness, Destiny Cornelius, and Mark McClave. The team had a good written round score, but struggled during the oral rounds and did not score enough points to place.

Haase, Reifschneider, and Wilson made up the Eads varsity team. They had the highest written round score of the competition and ended up going head-to-head with a strong team from Flagler for three of the four oral rounds. They were second going into the final oral round, but got bumped into third place by a team that scored well in the second room.

Nelson, Murdock, and Sophie Mitchell made up the B team at Plainview. Their written round score was not impressive, but they came from behind in the oral rounds and finished in third place among the B teams and ninth overall of the 15 teams competing at the tournament.

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