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It's Fair Time

By Kelcie Martin

September 6, 2023

I would say I have been slacking, but I think I have been doing the exact opposite. I apologize in advance that this isn’t as well crafted, thought out, and linguistically pleasing as some of my other pieces from the last few months. There is a good reason I promise!

I recently went back to work at my online teaching position, and the transition has been quite difficult because we are also preparing to leave for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My baby sister is getting married! Our whole family will be soaking up the sun and keeping my twins from escaping into the depths of the ocean soon. By the time you read this, I will most likely be enjoying Mojitos at the swim-up bar and reassuring my dad that all-inclusive, is in fact, a real thing.

That isn’t the only transition I have been working with either. My mini book tour for my children’s book Little Cowpoke Swings a Rope has closed in perfect timing with our trip. When I return, my memoir will be back from my proofreader and ready to go into the final stages of publishing. This writing journey that I have embarked on is something I never saw myself doing. Telling my story has led to the publication of two books, two newspaper features, and soon, I will be a guest on a couple of podcasts.

Before I release pre-orders for my memoir, I wanted to give you a little perspective on how life always comes full circle. There are three stories within my book that take place at the Kiowa County Fair Grounds. While I am in Mexico, kids across the county will be preparing their animals for show. The wood shavings will soon scatter the livestock pens, and the dirt clods removed in the rodeo arena.

Soak up the memories, give grace when needed, and enjoy the fruits of everyone’s labor as you gather to enjoy the fair. Being a part of the Haswell Mile Markers 4-H Club was an honor. The memories made, and the values that were instilled in me at the fairgrounds are unforgettable. I hope that you and your families can experience the same.

Twenty years later, I prepare to share some of these stories with all of you and I am nervous, and excited. I attribute a lot of my success as an adult to the week-long fair I participated in every year as a kid. I know it is a lot of work, and I know how much effort my parents put into my success. Just trust me on this, it is worth it. Support the youth, because like me, they will thank you one day.

Next month, look forward to a sneak-peek of my memoir. I will be sharing a short excerpt with my fans from Kiowa County as I prepare to open pre-orders. But for now, I am going to enjoy my umbrella drinks.