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Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby! First Set of Triplets Born in Eads

By Betsy Barnett

September 13, 2023

And just like that on the morning of September 2, 2023 the lives of Greg and Carrie Neal of Eads changed forever when their triplets decided they were ready to meet the parents—and the world—and came nearly two months early. Thankfully, they were all three of good size at three pounds or better, despite coming prematurely. According to their parents, “All three are doing amazingly well!”

That’s just the kind of good news a community like Eads was thrilled to receive this week as the young Neal couple had traveled up to Colorado Springs for a routine appointment on August 28th but were told Carrie needed to stay there as the travel time between Eads and the Springs was just too far in these crucial final weeks. The triplets, two boys and a girl, were due on Halloween, October 31, but of course it was highly unlikely they would last that long and be full term at birth.

At 32 weeks gestation, the Neal triplets are doing very well and just three days after they were born all three were off the CPAP machine and breathing, with the help of oxygen, on their own. They just need some time in the Triplet NICU to grow and mature. The babies are fraternal triplets with each having their own placenta.

Although Carrie has already been released by the hospital, she will stay with her babies for the time being. As of now, they aren’t sure when the babies will be able to come home to Eads, but Carrie says, “It is unknown right now about how long they will be in the NICU. They say anticipate their due date, which is October 31, but truly I think that we will get to leave sooner because of how well they are doing.”

Carrie has been on her own with the babies quite a bit as her husband travels back and forth from the Springs to Eads in order to care for the house, take care of other family members, and of course he is still working, at this point. When the Neal triplets were born, the Triplets Unit NICU was full at UC-Health Memorial North Hospital, so the three Neal babies were in three different rooms causing Carrie a lot of navigation and stress over not having them together. As of Thursday, however, two of the three are in a Twin NICU which has helped considerably. But, according to Carrie, she is hoping that very soon all three will be together.

The babies seem to all be a bit different in temperament and personality already, according to the parents.

Jasper Kai is the oldest of the three and was born at 9:15 a.m. and weighed 3 lbs. 11 oz. His name is one that the parents have always loved. According to Carrie, “Jasper is the little feisty one. He is stubborn and vocal.”

Next came Wyatt Walter just three minutes after his brother at 9:18 a.m weighing 3 lbs. even. His middle name is a family name as “Walter” was Carrie’s great-grandfather’s name as well as her father’s middle name. It is also the middle name of one of Greg’s uncles. Carrie says, “Wyatt is the calm one. Just relaxed for the most part, doesn’t cause much of a ruckus.”

Finally, there’s the little girl, Bailee Jean, who arrived last five minutes after Jasper and two minutes after Wyatt at 9:20 a.m. and weighed 3 lbs. 4 oz. “Bailee is,” according to her mother, “a little dramatic. And also makes her voice heard.” Her middle name, “Jean”, was Carrie’s grandmother’s middle name and is also Carrie’s middle name.

Greg and Carrie Neal have a good handle on what they are about to undertake. They say Greg is taking care of what is needed at home and the hospital has been wonderful and is supplying everything they could possibly need at this point.

A Baby Registry for the Neal triplets has been created at Anyone who would love to help in supplying items (3 of everything) for the triplets can go to the baby registry at Carrie Neal Registry. Amazon Gift Cards would also be very helpful so that items needed can easily be purchased by these very busy—busy—busy parents.

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