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Children’s Author Jolene Guiterrez Has Local Connection to Southeastern Colorado and Amache National Historic Site

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May 24, 2024

Jolene Guiterrez is an extremely positive person full of life and absolutely intrigued about all kinds of stories. She’s a school librarian and a children’s author. Over the weekend Guiterrez took the Annual Amache Pilgrimage where she met up with John Tonai, son of Amache Relocation prisoner Minoru Tonai.

“Min and I co-wrote a picture book about his experiences that will be out in late 2025. The book is a children’s book by Min and me about his life interrupted by Pearl Harbor.”

Minoru Tonai and Guiterrez wrote a book, “Unbreakable: A Japanese American Family in an American Incarceration Camp.” This book is based closely on Min’s and his family’s experiences at Camp Amache in the 1940s. Min’s father was arrested by the FBI after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and his family was imprisoned in an incarceration camp in Colorado during World War II. The book is a historical fiction picture book. It will be released in 2025.

Gutierrez and her daughter wrote her newest book that was recently reduced, “The Ofrenda That We Built!”

Gutierrez is the niece of Peggy Branom of McClave, Colorado.

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