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Examine, Stretch, Express

Before the 2009 club hits started playing, and before I used all of my strength to lift 2 pound weights in a power yoga class, we were given a message by our instructor.

I don’t know if I believe astrology, but I do know that I love words, and if you write them enough, and if you speak them enough…they may just come true. I am a Scorpio, and according to astrology I am passionate, dedicated, and resourceful. But, I can also be stubborn, manipulative, and prone to anger. According to my track record, I think everything holds true accept for manipulative. I would say I am, well, convincing.

The message for Scorpio in 2024 was to examine, stretch, and express. This year is meant to be for self exploration.

“My potential is limitless, my future is full of promise.”

You can get your message by clicking here.

She had us write down this message and set our intention for the year, and I couldn’t help but think the words for my astrological sign were spot on. The first week of 2024 I have done a lot of examining. My business was new last year, and with 12 months of revenue, I had time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. I also have realized what made me happy.

Writing made me happy, meeting new people, and sharing my work with the world. The day that I found out someone in Germany ordered my books felt so cool. Never in a million years did I think I would reach other countries out of the USA. I also didn’t know that I would be communicating daily with my internet friends.

Now, stretching, I need to do physically and mentally. I describe my body right now as a tense ball. Between sitting on my butt all day, and being confined to the walls of my home, I feel the need to stretch way more than I did last year. I have started to get back into yoga, something I loved before I had the boys. I decided to make a point to write at my favorite coffee shops in town, changing my scenery. I also decided to write this new book, a complete 180 from last year. Can you believe I am writing science fiction?

And finally, I will express. I would say this one is pretty obvious. I need to write more. Last year I only wrote my book. I rarely took time to write for fun, and I completely abandoned this blog. If I only write to work and make money, I don’t think I will have longevity in this career/hobby.

After my yoga class, I hit a huge milestone of 10,000 words on my cowboys and aliens rough draft! I am so proud of myself, and not just because of the word count. I realized after my writing class last year, that writing isn’t always sitting down and blabbing on and on. Writing is notes in your phone when you are about to fall asleep. Writing is jotting down words on a piece of paper, maybe even a picture to describe the arc of your story. Writing is research. Writing is brainstorming or checking in with a friend.

When I realized this, the words flowed easier when I sat down to write. Those scenes I made up in my head, those notes I wrote down earlier come to mind quicker, and the sensory details feel more natural.

And writing fiction? Forget it. It’s freaking awesome, making up a world in my head. I control the story, and I put readers in a place to escape. At least that is my hope.

Today I added a conflicted love interest to the story. I love a good love story, especially when it has drama and action packed chaos to go along with it. I like love in the face of hardship a little more than fairy tale romance. Honestly, with my personality, my degree in biology, and my overall nerdiness…I don’t know why I was so surprised that I leaned toward science fiction.

Right now I am seeing where this draft takes me. I don’t have to have it to my editor until April, but I am really enjoying the momentum I have. From my experience, when you have momentum you run with it, because it may leave you. I think listening to your mind and body at those junctures is important. Consistency for me looks like 2,000 words one day, and 200 the next. It looks like a day with zero words, and a day with 1,500. I try not to hold onto the idea that I will write a set amount every day. That only will lead to disappointment.

Yesterday, I sent a rough draft of my SECOND children’s book off to an editor. I hope to have those words sent to my illustrator so we can get working on how she will bring my vision to life. I will be announcing the title of the new book sometime in March! Stay tuned.

Phew, one more thing guys. It has been rough being off social media. I have to write down all the things I want to tell you in these weekly posts.

Becoming a public speaker has been on my heart since I started writing in 2022. I have kicked around ideas in my head for so long, but nothing seemed right. I thought of hosting an in-person event. After all of the work it took to host my own book release party, I realized I just can’t do that to myself mentally. ALLLLLSO, most of the people who want to come to my event live all over the United States.

So, here is what I am thinking. I would love to host a virtual event where you get to ask me questions about my journey. You can ask me about my upcoming book, marketing, or how to self-publish. Maybe you want to know more about how I work from home, or navigating life with twin toddlers. Regardless, I really want to get to know my community more, and CONNECT.

I made a google form. If you are interested in attending, would you mind filling it out for me? I want to figure out how I am going to run this and what my followers want!

Click here.

That is all for this week!

Examine, stretch, and express.

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