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Growing Pains

If you are one of my frequent readers, you know that last week I sent out a newsletter with the link to my very first virtual event. Unfortunately, a few days later, I realized the updates I had made to my website disabled the ability to make purchases. I made these updates in December, and that meant, all the website clicks I had gotten from social media were taken to a faulty link.

My children’s book publishing guide received 81 clicks. That is a potential of about $2,000. As a new author, that reality crushed me, and I spiraled into a little bit of an overwhelmed, and overstimulated rage. I have fixed my website several times, and I admit, I feel a little lost. As a high achieving person with an I-can-fix-anything-on-my-own type of attitude, I had to have a really hard discussion with myself. At what point, is this business going to get so big that you can’t do everything on your own?

My husband tends to bring me down in these situations, I mean he tries. It takes me a while to reflect and think clearly. He told me that I was just having growing pains, and that was a good thing!

He was right.

When I first started this business, I chose a simple website with blogging capabilities. Hell, until the end of last year, I didn’t know I would be selling digital products. A lot can happen in a year, and I found myself not giving my business enough credit. My social media following went from zero to about 15k in that time frame. I published three books, and had to learn how to distribute them myself!

No one tells you the way your mindset changes when starting a business and how the more time that goes on, the more invested you become. When I first started blogging, I would have NEVER spent money on a new computer or a new desk. I would have NEVER hired someone to build a website or help me with my book marketing. Why would I waste my money on something I could do or items I didn’t really need?

I have changed my frame of thinking. I am not wasting money, I am investing in something that I am passionate about. The amount of money I’m losing on my snags, I could have made back if I would have hired someone a long time ago. Growing pains are humbling, but it is also a time to be proud that you have built something that needs more man power. I am now hiring someone to create a whole new website! I am so excited to share that with you. I have also spent a lot of money on my writing space and my physical health. As a writer I have also had my own growing pains with neck and back issues. I finally decided there is a reason I put money into an HSA account every month. I have invested in monthly massages and chiropractor appointments. I also bought some more ergonomic setups to prevent any further injury. I have linked those below!

Now, with all of that being said, I do have back-up payment methods. I wanted to give you all an opportunity to check out what is currently hot on my page.

My very first virtual speaking event will take place in February. This is a curated event where my fans have a chance to ask me questions about my life, business, or writing journey. There are only 20 tickets available to keep the event intimate. Once you purchase your ticket you will receive a welcome email directing you to a survey. This survey will help me tailor the event to you. I want this to be packed full of information, and help you get started on whatever endeavors you have been wishing to go after.

My children’s book publishing guide now has a free preview page. You can use this or you have the option to purchase the full guide that comes with a 15-minute video course.

I also forgot that last year, I was featured in another podcast. We recorded this episode before the release of my book last fall. It was different than anything I have done in the past. We talked about content creation and marketing strategies. I really emphasize building a personal brand, instead of focusing on your products. Again, I really enjoy supporting other women. Lynsey and I would love your support by giving her Confident Content Creations podcast a listen.

The last update I have is my two very different books I am working on. My children’s book has been edited. I am in the phases of building a book design with my illustrator. I hope to release the book title in the next newsletter! My science fiction novel has now become a science fiction romance. There are so many conflicted feelings, drama, conspiracies, and truth to this book that really excites me. You are going to see a new side of my writing that I hope you are looking forward to. I hit 20,000 words, and I am feeling confident I will have a nice rough draft to send to my editor in April.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support.

You are the reason for my growing pains!

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