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If I'm Being Honest...

January came in like a wrecking ball. Every year my mental health is at an all time low this month. Ever since I started working from home, I have to work extra hard to simply take care of myself. This year, January seems to be pushing me. I am taking each day to look for faith in myself, the world, and God. I feel manic. I’m ready to move to another country, start a new business, create too many things, and hurl myself into a distraction from the darkness that is WINTER.

As most of you know my twins got diagnosed with autism recently. Well, something kiddos with autism struggle with is sleep. The huge change to preschool, sleeping in big boy beds, and learning so many new things created a very overstimulated child. Their little brains are not wired like everyone else’s and it is very difficult for them to slow their mind down. We have tried all the things, all the routines, the diets, etc etc. But we just found that we can take them to pediatric sleep therapy. I had no idea this existed, but at this point I am willing to try anything. For a long time, I blamed some of these issues on my parenting style, or things I did wrong. Now that we have the diagnosis, resources, and information we are hoping to get the help we need and stop being so hard on ourselves! I definitely don’t ask for pity, but I do ask for your thoughts and prayers. Working full time with two special needs children is definitely taking its toll. I also wanted to thank you for providing me this outlet. This page is a huge release for me!

This week there were two tragedies in the town I grew up in. I ask that you pray for their small community, or send positive thoughts if you aren’t religious. They lost two very influential members of their community, and they are dealing with so much sorrow. I ask that you hold your loved ones a little closer today. Because remember, although this life is so relentless, it is also very beautiful.

So yeah, if I’m being honest, the last couple of weeks have sucked. There have been a lot of positive moments, but I’m just here to say this.

It is ok to not be ok.

Now, I have been in a mood. I even took a little break from my science fiction piece and decided to focus on something else. Right now, I am in the process of converting my book Little Cowpoke Swings a Rope to an ebook! I also have my website being moved over to a completely different platform. There is a lot of behind the scenes happening right now that not a lot of people see. A lot of you see the book, or the product, or whatever is at the forefront of someone’s business. This my friends, is the craziness that makes us full of pride when we see a sale. Because before that product, there were countless hours of work that went into it. A lot of us are the CEO, the marketing team, the PR team, and the office assistant. And a lot of us are just a little bit crazy…

Anyways, I promised that I would release the title of my upcoming children’s book! And I think I needed this little bit of excitement after this week.

My friend Aubrey Mathis is currently offering a FREE download of her small town romance book. She has been supporting my page quite a bit lately, and I wanted to return the favor!

I also wanted to give a shout out to other self-published children’s authors. Their books are available for purchase below. I included the adult book I am reading, and the book I plan to read next month! I hope you find something to fill your cup this winter!

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