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Don't Forget to Photosynthesize!

Spring weather has been teasing us here in Colorado. It’s actually cruel. I am a plant. In order for me to survive a healthy life with beautiful green leaves, I need the damn sunshine. I went on a walk almost every day this week and I can’t believe how much that little bit of movement and sunshine helped my mood. I wrote a mental note to myself to photosynthesize as much as possible in February.

I had some serious issues going on in my sci-fi novel last month. When you are making up a story it can be easy to write yourself into some plot holes. I started to panic when I was only about halfway through my goal at the end of January. After getting some sun, I realized I was mostly manic from my dormant state. It was going to be ok.

The last time I wrote a book, a lot of my first draft was nonsense. On my first edits, I cut out around 10k words. The thing is, I was trying to push myself and build the stamina it took to write an entire book. I have grown a lot as a writer since then, and I have started to figure out how storytelling works. I think this draft is going to be a little more bare-bones. I would rather underwrite it, have a skeleton of a story, and add the details later.

Quality over quantity right?

I’m telling you, the sun, it brings a lot out of me. I poured my heart out in another podcast interview. I will make sure I share the link with you when it is up. I’ve had a lot on my heart about life, and being a parent lately. Jill is the host of Living Her Legacy podcast, and I am so happy she gave me a space to connect with other women, and parents all over. Because within my own struggles in this crazy thing we call life, I know that I am not alone.

Being an author was something I never thought of until I had kids, and it has become one of my favorite things about myself. I often look at everyone else in my life and realize how happy they make me. But very rarely do I ever look in the mirror and give myself credit for what I do that brings me joy. But sometimes, when I’m walking and soaking up the sunshine, I think about how happy writing makes me. And for that, I am so proud. So before I start my business plugs, just remember…

Don’t forget to photosynthesize!

My website is under construction and I am working hard to set myself up for two really big releases this year! Not only will I be releasing my first sci-fi novel, I will also be releasing my second children’s book! The anticipation for both books is building and building each month, and I want to make sure that you are part of every step of the way. Because we have a while for the new books to publish, I have a small treat for you. Little Cowpoke Swings a Rope is now available as an ebook, and if you have Kindle Unlimited it will be FREE from February 4th-February 8th!

Free eBook!

Download here.

Then, once I figured out how to upload ebooks, I decided to post my Children’s Book Publishing Guide for sale on Amazon! Because my website is under construction, I don’t have a great way to distribute this. This guide is basic, without the clickable links and video course. But, if you’ve been wanting a more affordable option, this is a great way to get started on writing your children’s book!

Start your children’s book already!

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