Good To Go October 25, 2017

By Dr. Tim Richardt and Joe Zinger

October 25, 2017

Welcome back to Good To Go, a feature written Dr. Tim Richardt, PT, DPT and Joe Zinger, PTA, BSPTA. Together, we are the Rehabilitation Team at Weisbrod Memorial County Hospital in Eads, Colorado. Every few weeks, we’ll tackle a health-related topic we feel is relevant to Kiowa County. These articles are meant to be a way to engage with our community in addition to providing useful and (hopefully) interesting information. Should you have any questions, comments, or requests for future articles, we invite you to write in to the Kiowa County Independent or contact us directly at (719) 438-5401 ext 125.

Joe here! In the next few articles I will be writing about the topic of nutrition.
So let's get down to business...
What is nutrition?
Nutrition, according to Google, is "the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth or also sub defined as food nourishment."
Plain and simple, nutrition plays a vital role in each and every one of our daily lives, and many of us might be quite oblivious to this since it is a primal need. Due to being a primal need, it is hard wired into us to make sure that we are meeting our daily caloric intake while making sure our bodies are getting all those helpful building blocks called micro and macronutrients.
“But, Joe, what are micro- and macro- nutrients?”
Well, I am glad you asked. Think of macronutrients in the plainest of terms as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Micronutrients are all those vitamins and minerals you get through nutrients dense foods such as, let's say, spinach, kale, oranges, blueberries and so on. I like to think of nutrition as nourishment so that I can grow my body to act and perform its best.
“Why is nutrition important to the scope of Physical Therapy?”, you might be asking.
All too many times, nutrition plays a key role in the overall health of our patients, whether it relates to the obesity epidemic along with the increase in Type II diabetes. Things like this can cause weight gain, psychological behavior changes, and increased pressure on those joints throughout the body, especially your lower back and knees. These are just a few things to list off, and this list keeps going. By addressing our nutrition, we can take control of our bodies and help decrease or even abolish some of the undo stresses we have been placing upon our bodies throughout the days, weeks, month and years.
I like the quote "we are what we eat". Are we a well-balanced and nourished body, or are we made up of artificial and overly processed foods? This should be very thought provoking and something to self-reflect on. Are we getting the nutrients and minerals our bodies need on the daily basis, or are we feeding it highly refined and processed foods that can hardly substitute for the key nutrients we need on a daily basis?
In the next article I am going to be addressing that sneaky little thing that may be blocking you from being able to lose weight and even may be controlling your behavior.
Thanks for reading! To set up an appointment with us or to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more about how physical therapy can help you, call (719) 438-5401 ext 125.


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