As Time Goes By with Rich O'Brian

By Rich O'Brian

May 19, 2021

What turns you on?  No, let me put it another way.  Is there something in this life that “drives your buggy” more than others?  The easy response is “Yes.”  I guess what I’m getting at is this, in a sort of clumsy way.  I have been given, and I mean given, the opportunity to do things I had just about decided were no longer viable for me at my, shall I say, advanced season of life.

As many readers are aware, I experienced a phenomenal opportunity to work in the broadcast news industry while serving bi-vocationally as pastor of churches.  Of late I’ve been joined by my wife, Dianne, in ministry assisting churches in locating and calling (hiring) a pastor.

I can put it this way.  Many of those who are readers of this column that the column’s title, “As Time Goes By,” a title of my choosing by the way, is a rather not-so-sneaky way of letting it be known that I am not a youngster.  Therefore, I write about things that I have observed over a rather lengthy lifetime.

I have been blessed and honored beyond my own ability to comprehend.  I won’t blame you if, reading these words, you say these are just an old man’s musings.  You may be right, but from my place in life I have been a recipient of a whole lot of God’s grace.  Except for His grace, things sure could have gone much differently.

But enough about me.  What about you?  Have you gotten what you deserve?  I hope you’ve been able to see things from a positive viewpoint.  I know, life doesn’t always seem fair or easy.  But have you thought about where you are?  I think our Eads founders made a slight typographical mistake.  I think they meant to name our town, “Eden.”  Here’s what I see.  I see YOU.  I see you inside our marketplace.  You are friendly, helpful and concerned about your fellow Eads residents as well as strangers that enter our town.  Thus, this is the Garden of Eads!

I opened this piece with a question:  What turns you on?  Well, one of the things for which I’m grateful, and which certainly turns me on, is the privilege of communicating with you by way of this column.  Next is the privilege of speaking to you by our newly inaugurated podcast.  We’d love you to follow us on Spotify at the channel “As Time Goes By…Rich O’Brian.” 

The person behind allowing me to be involved in these two ventures is the publisher of this newspaper, Betsy Barnett.

Thank you, Betsy!

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