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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: We're Baaack!

By Rich O'Brian

October 5, 2022

Summer’s over, the Hiatus is behind us and Fight Club for men has returned to Eads.

Gentlemen, the first meeting for this term will gather at JJ’s Restaurant THIS COMING MONDAY, October 10 at 6:30 p.m.

For the uninformed the following is what Fight Club is all about:

“Fight Club is a group of men from all walks of life; broken and successful, religious and skeptic, choir boy and convict.

“We gather each month, enjoy a meal together and go deep in conversations about faith and life.

“Regardless of your stance on faith, you are invited to belong to our tribe; wrestle with us as we tackle the big questions in life.”

— Phil Floyd, Founder

Caleb’s Heart Ministries and Fight Club

My introduction to Fight Club came in the autumn of 2014. My wife, Dianne, and I had moved to Aurora, Colorado, to be near one of our daughters and her family. Not long after making the move a new acquaintance, J.T. Anderson, invited me to attend Fight Club. Frankley, the title “Fight Club” both put me off and peaked my interest. He said it was a group of men meeting in nearby Parker. We were new in the state, so I decided to look into it.

When I stepped into the building what I saw was about 25 or thirty men milling around greeting one another, most smiling and enjoying the time. There was no boxing ring and no boxing gloves. In fact, I was surprised at the atmosphere. These guys were simply enjoying each other’s company. I was mesmerized. Suddenly my attention to all of what was happening broke. “Hi, I’m Brian Holeman,” he said, as he invited me to join in.

Later I would conclude these were men just enjoying men’s company. Oh yes, they had a program, the context of which was printed on a sheet of paper aptly headlined, “Fight Card.” I was so intrigued by the whole evening including the freedom of the atmosphere that I made a quick decision to return at the next meeting.

When I entered the building the next week, I sought out a few of the men I met previously. In doing so I realized how comfortable I was being in the company of these guys. This could seem unusual given the fact that as a former pastor I was not in the presence of Sunday school men. Some were, but some were not.

At the end of this, my second Fight Club experience, I decided I wanted to meet the founder of Fight Club. So, forming my words in my head as I approached Phil Floyd and acting as though I was going to be critical I said, “Phil, this is…er…uh, that is. This is great!”

I’ve tried my best to present my idea of what Fight Club represents. I hope this description, along with the founder’s description, will encourage you to be with us when we meet Monday, October 10, right here in The Garden of Eads.

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