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As Time Goes by with Rich O'Brian: What a Price to Pay

By Rich O'Brian

April 26, 2023

Our young people are currently staring into the future of their adult lives. They are hearing these words or similar words. They are being challenged to make the best of their educational opportunities. What awaits many of our graduating youngsters are professors who are intent on helping develop the best of and in them. These educators are to be commended and honored for their devotion to our children.

Many of our young people will prefer to choose a trade or some field other than the collegiate route. Of course, for many that’s the right way to go.

But there is another breed of higher education instructors who intend to influence our young men and women to develop in a direction most of us never thought possible. These “pariah profs” lurk about, seeking whom they may devour. They watch for the innocent, eager-to-prove-themselves-students who want to return to their homes smarter than their forbears.

Here’s where the “pariah prof” works his evil magic. He already has his prey where he wants him or her. In his classroom. “Do you want to be as astute as I?” he will imply, “Well, get this. You know all that nonsense you were taught by your parents? It is all rubbish. For example, all that stuff about God? Learned people like me know better and when I get through with you, so will you. And the church? Hah! Baloney.”

And where does this brilliant-minded professor find the backup for shooting holes in traditional values? Why, from like-minded authors and “pariah profs.” They’re on library bookshelves and computer programs everywhere.

It won’t take this “pariah prof” long and with youngster’s grade in hand, he or she will be hooked. It’s even worse for the Christian student who dares to challenge the “pariah prof.” That student will be put down and teased until he or she will either quit the class, keep quiet in class, or convert to make the “pariah prof” happy. And get this, some of the most vulnerable students are often the smartest ones in the class, to boot.

I’m writing all of this because I know of which I write. A few years ago I served as an adjunct professor in media on the staff of a fine university in the State of Kansas. I not only heard the stories, I studied the students just as they studied me. There were those who liked challenging me as their instructor. But I’m happy to say I was rarely ever drawn into needing to defend my faith. Of course, I never was a “pariah prof” attacking the faith of any of my students.

For you who may be planning to seek a degree in higher education; for the most part, there are some terrific professors out there in our great schools of learning. But beware and be aware, the pariah profs are out there, as well. Just remember I told you so, from right here in my classroom in The Garden of Eads.

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