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As Time Goes by with Rich O'Brian: The Devil Made Them Do It

By Rich O'Brian

May 3, 2023

Okay, I’ll admit it. At first, I was shocked, shocked to read that one of our relatively nearby school districts has opened its doors to allow the presence of something known as a Satan Club to be allowed in its elementary school building. I’m no longer shocked, however, because the world is already in a state of confusion and evil. So when I learned that the evil one, known as Satan, had convinced a public school administrator to open the floodgates, I wasn’t shocked, nor was I surprised.

So, I say, “Get ready. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.” Some wonderful people are going to be pulled into thinking, “We’ve got to be ‘fair’.” And the next thing you know it, being ‘fair’ will mean that Satan is in every school in this region and beyond.

Of course, come to think of it, Satan has his influencers every where, schools included, as it is. This Satanic move against public schools is only an example of how Satan amasses his impish forces to convince right-minded people to do the ‘right thing,’ which is in fact right-minded people doing the evil thing to just ‘be fair.’

If it were not so serious a matter, I would be drawn to laugh at one line written in a song entitled, “My Pal Satan.” The composer of this little ditty, Eliphaz Costus, concludes each chorus with, “There is no Hell.”

Incidentally parents, do you really want your children singing such garbage as that?

Unfortunately, those who sing or scream how stupid we are who say there is a Hell, will be among those to prove Hell exists—by their presence there. I get no glee nor joy writing this. I’m sincere when I express my earnest desire that each of them will repent and call upon Holy God to save them in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of them will laugh at such remarks as these, of course.

You see, here is the uncanny part of all this: If we who name ourselves Christians, most of whom I presume believe in Jesus Christ to be their Savior, were to be wrong in our belief, we would turn into sod upon our dying.

However, if we who are believing Christians, were to be correct in our assumption that Hell is real—well, you can spell out what happens to those who get a big chuckle when talking among themselves about our belief.

When I came to this point in this writing, I sighed, sat back and thought, how can we, how can anyone be so cavalier with our children’s souls, or with our own souls for that matter. It breaks my heart when I think about our little ones being taught that God’s Word is trivialized to the extent that it is no more serious than a fun song about the existence of Hell.

Think about these things whether you are here in The Garden of Eads or elsewhere in this great land of ours.

By the way, Jesus said Hell exists.

Hell exists!

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