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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: The Dream Unfolds, Part 2

By Rich and Dianne O'Brian

November 3, 2023

Our Odyssey continues. If you do not happen to read this column regularly, let me say that each week we will present a part of a journey that Dianne and I made recently. This is the second portion.

I had contacted my very good friend, Wheeler Whitlock, known to many of us as “Wheels.”

Wheels had moved to Alabama a few years ago from his home in Parker, Colorado. Therefore, much to my delight, Wheels was going to be available along with his lovely lady friend, Bonnie. So, we got together and learned over lunch that

these two marvelous people will be joining in

Holy Matrimony very soon!

We met at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Pell City, not far outside Birmingham.

My first ministry as pastor was at a church near Pell City called Cropwell. Unfortunately, I was informed that the church no longer exists! Of course, we are talking about sixty years ago after all. I was a student at Samford University in Birmingham at the time. I promise I had nothing to do with that church’s demise.

We decided that a trip such as this just would

not allow the time necessary to visit all the places I had served.

But we’re off to see whether the second place I

served as pastor still exists. It does!

The town is Wilsonville, Alabama. We spotted a group of gentlemen seated at a picnic table under a shade tree on this beautiful September afternoon.

One of them noticed that we were trying to find directions to somewhere and he stepped up to be of assistance.

We’ll tell you about Four Mile Church in “The Dream Unfolds” (Part Three) next week from right here in The Garden of Eads.