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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: The Dream Unfolds, Part 5

By Rich and Dianne O'Brian

November 15, 2023

Our Odyssey continues. If you do not happen to read this column regularly, let me say that each week we will present a part of the journey that Dianne and I made recently. This is number five in the series.

Today begins our trek toward home. Notice, I said toward home. There remains a lot to see and a lot of miles to be driven before we lay eyes on the plains of Southern Colorado.

Regretfully, we’ve made a decision to eliminate Mobile and Gulf Shores from our schedule. It was a necessary decision because we were running out of time.

So, we turn toward the western edge of Alabama. Motoring northward we make our way through the “football capital of the world,” Tuscaloosa, missing the game between the Crimson Tide and Ol’ Miss by a week.

From Tuscaloosa we found ourselves driving amid numerous vehicles with Mississippi license plates. Of course, that made sense inasmuch as we were approaching the town of Tupelo, Mississippi, headquarters of American Family Association.

I worked for the radio arm of AFA a few years ago in Topeka, Kansas. We had hoped to have a brief visit with AFA’s president, Tim Wildman, a very good friend of ours. But unfortunately, Tim wasn’t available. That was on us for not having made arrangements beforehand.

Driving on brings us to a town that holds a very special place in my heart. As a youngster I would spend a large chunk of my summer vacation with my grandparents in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Here we are in Dyersburg and I can hardly believe it. Few sights are more exciting to me than crossing the Dyersburg over the Forked Deer River.

I was anxious to show Dianne the fire station where my grandfather was fire chief. But the building was gone!!! He was the chief there a long time ago after all.

We were pleasantly surprised to come across the Dyer County Archives Office run by volunteer Marilyn Holmes. She was a delightful lady who helped me learn about my family history.

Next week we’ll visit the home of Dianne’s brother in Springfield, Missouri where we’ll find her other two siblings as well.

We’ll be writing from here in The Garden of Eads about our next stop. Check us out in next week’s Kiowa County Independent.

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