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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: The Dream Unfolds, Part 6

By Rich and Dianne O'Brian

November 17, 2023

Our Odyssey continues. However, our journey is coming near its end.

As we entered the State of Missouri, crossing the Mississippi River, we did so on a Saturday evening. This was perfect as we searched for a church to attend the next morning.

On Sunday morning we found the Emmanuel Church at Cassville and attended it 9:15 a.m. Sunday School class. It was a large class taught by a former pastor of the church. The class was much like a worship service which was a good thing because we had to forfeit attending the 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service. That was due to the fact that we had to check out of our motel by 11 o’clock. I’m sure no reader of this column has ever made a mistake like that. Poor planning!

The next and final stop on our excursion was a delightful visit in the home of Dianne’s brother, Dr. Dean Rund and his lovely wife, Jan, in Springfield, Missouri. Dean is a retired veterinarian. We were joined by Dianne’s other two siblings, Dennis and Debra along with her husband Mike. It was quite a crowd.

As you read the previous paragraph you noticed it, didn’t you? Every one of Dianne’s siblings begin with the letter “D.” Talk about a lot of confusion! And every time these siblings get together, they feel like they must get together and take a photo standing with the oldest to the youngest.

Honestly, I have struggled with just how to bring this series to a close. I could say it was a lot of fun. That, it was! Or I could say how wonderful it has been to revisit my personal history and enjoy those memories. It was that as well.

Perhaps it is enough to say it was great, the two of us putting together our own little travel log and sharing it with our friends from here in The Garden of Eads.