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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: Christmas is Here

By Rich O'Brian

December 20, 2023

Christmas is here. Are these words that might have been spoken by you when you were a child? I remember that as a youngster Christmas could never arrive soon enough. And then Christmas came and went so quickly we found ourselves looking into a new year.

It will happen that way again, you know. This column will be published on Wednesday, December 20th. Depending on just when you might happen to read these words, Christmas is just around the corner or has already become a part of the past and you find yourself reading these words in the year 2024.

As a child I always thought that Christmas never came soon enough. It was the expectation of the gifts I expected to receive. My parents and grandparents were always generous in that way. Looking back on those days, I’m convinced that they enjoyed giving them as much as my brother and I enjoyed receiving them. Well, almost convinced.

In those days Christmas included the celebration of the birth of Christ, usually in the form of a Christmas play of some sort and we were taught always to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

As an adult, of course, I think about the memories I just shared with you here. In addition, I

have a desire to impress the true meaning of Christmas on our adult children and their children, our grandchildren. Dianne and I are blessed that most of our families celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Now what? We look ahead into the New Year. I hope you’re able to do so optimistically. You might think back to your days as a child and how you were excited about the upcoming New Year. In my day it meant returning to our church for a special service asking God to bless the days to come and thanking Him for the blessings of the past year.

Here we are about to dive right into the New Year.

As we do so, I want to thank you for reading this column and for reading this entire newspaper for that matter. I am also grateful for our little town of Eads. There is no better place for us to live.

Recently, Dianne I had a need to do some business in a city to the north of here. We had to spend some time driving through the city streets, I might add, the very busy city streets. It brings me to say that we expressed our gratitude for our hometown of Eads, Colorado.

We are grateful to have developed such wonderful friendships over the years here in The Garden of Eads.

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