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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: 2024 is Here

By Rich O'Brian

December 28, 2023

I believe one of the more helpful gifts one can provide for him or herself at the outset of a new year is a good deep breath. I came to realize that when I went to see my health provider recently. She seemed to put a lot of value on having me take long, deep breaths as she checked by heart and lungs.

We have just gone through the holidays, including Thanksgiving, followed by the celebration of the birth of God’s son on earth, we call Christmas. Of course, that brought on activity surrounding New Year’s, flurry of activity.

Now I strongly suggest that we try to relax before we head out in the work, work, work of our daily routine. I call it “a deep breath.” So, are you ready? All set?


As a rule, the brand-new year offers each of us a new set of opportunities. As it turned out I happened to be in the process of penning this column when word of a shocking and disturbing decision came down from our Colorado Supreme Court.

The court decided to disallow the name of former President Donald J. Trump on the state’s 2024 ballot. Now, I’m not saying for whom I plan to vote in next year’s election. However, in effect, the Colorado Supreme Count has judged the former president guilty when he has not been found guilty by any court. Therefore, many citizens of this great state are being told that they will not be allowed to vote for Mr. Trump. It seems to me that the ruling by the court in Denver is not democratic.

There is a possibility that, by the time this column is published, the United States Supreme Court will have overturned the Colorado court’s decision. We’ll see.

Whew! I had to get that off my chest!

Of course, as in past years, this new Year offers each of us the opportunity to look back over our accomplishments of the past year and decide how we may improve the deeds of the year that lay ahead. Perhaps this is that gift that time affords us to make that list and check it twice and set out to make changes; you know, New Year’s Resolutions.

With all of my ramblings rambled, I do want to wish all of you who take the time to read this column and this wonderful newspaper for that matter, a great, profitable and blessed 2024. May you enjoy good health. May you enjoy the presence of your friends. And may you and your family rejoice in one another’s company better than ever before.

Finally, Thank you for joining my wife, Dianne and me right here in The Garden of Eads.

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