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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: Where to, 2024?

By Rich O'Brian

January 6, 2024

We’re off and running in this new year dubbed twenty-twenty four or two thousand twenty-four. Where is this new year going to take me? Or should I say, “Where am I going to take this new year?” I am responsible for how I use these next three hundred sixty-five days, isn’t that correct?

We do well, I think, to look realistically at the year ahead. First of all, we have no way of knowing what lies ahead. That truth should encourage me to make every day count. Then secondly, I should encourage myself to be ready for the surprises of life. I might plan for this day to go right when it goes left, or it doesn’t go at all.

Okay, that’s quite enough amateur philosophy. I have plans. I would like very much to do my part to draw closer to my family. Dianne and I are blessed as my late mother used to say, “…blessed to no end.” It is a bit difficult to draw closer to our families in as much as all six families live quite a distance away. But difficult or not, I just want all my extended family members to know my heart.

Similarly, Dianne and I are so pleased to have in our lives so many wonderful people we consider very close friends. I want to be a better friend this new year than I have been in the past. It is just so easy to take these precious people for granted.

If nothing else comes about, I hope these thoughts of mine will stir up your thinking, giving you the impetus to continue to create better results stemming from your personal relationships. I’m sure you are aware that the more difficult relationships with which to develop a closeness are those with whom we have physical closeness. In other words, I actually see him or her virtually every day. Because I am close to that person physically, I find it difficult to build a close relationship otherwise. You know what I mean?

Here’s what matters: A friend of mine and I happen to agree so much that, when we chat about many things, our heads are constantly nodding in agreement. However, we had to agree not to discuss a certain subject. He is always wrong. For that reason, we just don’t talk about it. He knows I’m right, but he holds stubbornly to his position when he knows full well that I am correct! Of course, you know I am kidding. Sort of. My point? It’s simple. We don’t have to agree on everything to remain good friends. Besides, I believe he’ll come around to my way of thinking someday, ahem.

Southern Colorado is an exceptional place to live. The landscape is dotted with wonderful communities.

One thing for sure. There’s no place like The Garden of Eads.

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