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As Time Goes By With Rich O'Brian: Oh Yes, They Do Fly By

By Rich O'Brian

February 9, 2024

I’m certainly not a philosopher. I think one can earn a doctorate from a prestigious university if he or she earns the title.

But here is what I do know that I have learned just by living so long. First of all, you and I were each born. Where life went on from there is a story to be known by you and those around you. Were I to ask, “What are the statistics surrounding your entrance into life?” In all likelihood you might say something like, “I was born in Platteville, Illinois, September 30, 1962.” That might follow with a rundown of who your parents were and things such as your education, career choice, marriage, the children and so on. In essence that’s a limited drawing of who you are.

Oh, yes, they do fly by. That is what I took note of as I thought of writing this week’s column. You see, just this week the calendar page was turned, and I came to realize that this very week I turned 87. What? Did I actually write this? Was I really born February 13, 1937, in the steel city of Gary, Indiana? Yep. So, the records show. Deny it again and again. Still the records show what the records show.

No please don’t be upset with me because that is the fun part of being. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your take on life.

I have no idea where you are in life. Perhaps you are enjoying your early years. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re beyond those years and you find yourself planning your closing years.

This is the strange thing about life. You are either at this point in life or certainly at some significant point in your life’s experience. You didn’t ask to be a part of life; chances are your parents were happy to greet you as you came into this world. It probably never occurred to mom and dad that babe in arms is not going to live forever any more than they are.

Now please, please, please. This little treatise is not intended to be negative. Not at all.

Where do I go from here? I am here where I find myself or where I have intentionally placed myself. Regardless of how I got here, the point of this little column is now what do I do with it?

Is this a sermon on how to know God? Yes, it is, but only if you stand in need of knowing Him. Here’s the answer to those questions. How do I know Him? You ask Holy God to forgive your sin. (You see, everyone has sinned that has disappointed God.) It really isn’t that complicated.

Then ask His Son, Jesus, to come into your life.

The question is now that I find myself on earth, what do I do with my life whether here in The Garden of Eads or elsewhere?

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