Behind the Grindstone: Pop's Wisdom

By Bill Bunting

December 12, 2021

He was old and he was scrawny
His beard was turnin’ gray
Few there were who would listen
To what Pops had to say

Mostly they made fun of him
Old fashioned some had said
Others said he’s loco
A little touched in the head

‘Cause he won’t participate
In the benefits we are given
While others partake of a life of ease
He’s still scratchin’ out a livin’

But a youngster cornered up old Pops
With a question or two
And he was needin’ some answers
The way most youngsters do

He said you’ve missed Thanksgiving dinner
Four or five years in a row
Now there’s got to be a reason
And I’d sure like to know

Why you’re never invited
To be the honored guest
And you’re left behind
After they’ve chosen all the rest

It’s diet, my son, diet
And stay away from the snacks
It’s pounds and plump and pride
That pits the neck against the ax

Free, free, free, it’s free
The food is free they say
But like everything that’s offered free
There is a price to pay

It’s an easy life, the food is free
They get all plump and buff
Then they draw attention to themselves
As they strut around their stuff

While they’re bellying up to free corn
I’m scratchin’ on my own
And when they come for the plump
They leave me alone

Son, free is never free
There will be a price to pay
As most other turkeys learn
Come Thanksgiving day

So the moral of the story
When applied to you and me
It’s best not to participate
When we’re told that it is free

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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