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Behind the Grindstone: Signs

By Bill Bunting

January 26, 2022

Covid. That’s about all you hear about in the news. ‘Ole Cheryl and I are just coming out of our run in with it and are thankful to have made it through. There are many who haven’t been as fortunate. As I look at societies reaction to this virus I have to wonder. Why are we still crying out to an inept, incompetent and corrupt government for our salvation. A government who has proven they cannot stop this virus. Vaccines, boosters, mandates, masks, business shut down, employees fired, schools closed and we still have the virus. Loss of life, livelihood, and liberty and yet it seems society is crying out for more mandates.

Soon after the 911 attack on our nation, on September 11th 2001, I traveled across several states to attend a cowboy poetry gathering. Almost every business had windows painted with “God Bless America”. Many yards and farms and ranches along the highway had put up signs saying the same. Now our nation has been attacked by a virus that has taken many times more lives, many times the amount of destruction, many times the amount of stress upon our nation and I have to ask. Where are the signs? I wonder if God is asking the same thing.

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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