Behind the Grindstone: An Ol' Friend

By Bill Bunting

April 6, 2022

Here on the prairie in what I reckon is known as rural America, where day to day decisions are made affecting life and livelihood based on common sense, it seems much of society has gone insane. I wrote this poem and it was published several years ago but it seems more relevant as time goes on. It seems we are in desperate need of the return of our Ol’ Friend.

They say he’s old and all used up
His worth is in the past
The end of his useful days
Is comin’ mighty fast

There’s just no room for him
In the society in which we live
Why he might offend someone
With the advice he’s known to give

The same advice that once was sought
By leaders, kings and queens
From cowboys to congressmen
Housewives to college deans
Once he roamed far and wide
Was known throughout the land
Was always there in times of need
To lend a helpin’ hand

But now they say he’s dyin’
Good riddance some would say
But I’m fearful of life without him
If he should pass away

Our leaders have already deserted him
As they play the political game
As they make rules and regulations
In their quest for power and fame

One of his old sayins’
Stuff always runs downhill
From the leaders to the followers
The truth is in it still

The bait is laid, the trap’s been set
Many have been caught in the snare
Now someone new is in his place
And he’s no longer there

As we gathered up around him
It’s sure hard to see him go
And life here without him
Might be a tough old row to hoe

And I wonder why so few are gathered
To mourn his demise
Then I look around us
And come to realize

That those who are not mourning
I’ll say in their defense
Either never knew him or forgot him
Our Ol’ Friend Common Sense

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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