Behind the Grindstone: Band Aid

By Bill Bunting

June 8, 2022

Jake was an old-time cowboy. A through back from the olden days. They say he was the best bronc peeler for miles around. The rougher they were the better he liked it and he could ride them all. But Jake near met his match when a bronc bucked through a barbed wire fence slicing his leg to the bone. Jake looked things over and decided this time he probably needed some doctorin’. By the time he got to town his sixteen-inch-tall boot was filling with blood. He said, “Doc, I’ve got a problem.” The doctor said, “I can see that. You have blood in your boot,” put a Band Aid on his boot, charged him a hundred bucks and sent him home. Next day Jake was still bleedin’ so he went back. The doctor added another Band Aid charged him another hundred and sent him home. This went on until Jake’s boot was plastered with Band Aids, his pocketbook was empty, he was still bleedin’ and his boot was still full of blood. Finally, the doctor said, “These boots are the problem. We have to ban these high-topped boots. No one should have the right to wear boots that have the capacity to hold this much blood.” And Jake is still bleedin’.

America is wounded and bleedin’. We have trusted our government to “doctor us up” but our boot is still filling with blood. Irrationality is ruling, violence is rising, morality is slipping, and truth is a thing of the past. As a nation we are sick, we are wounded, we are hurting, and our government is applyin’ Band Aids. We need to realize our government is in the Band Aid and banning business. And like the Band Aids on Jake’s boot it all comes at a cost. Every time a Band Aid is added we lose rights and freedoms and nothin’ is done about the wound. Just treatin’ the symptoms and sellin’ Band Aids. I read an article about a group of scientists who claim if we want to save our society we have to colonize another planet as ours is doomed. I believe if we want to save our society it will be us, we the people. We are going to have to do the doctorin’. It will begin with each of us as an individual, in our homes and in our communities. We will have to look over our shoulder to see where we went wrong. Where did we drift away. What caused us to run through the fence. What started this ball rollin’ in the wrong direction? We have to forget the Band Aids and the banning boots and begin treating the wound.

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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