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Behind the Grindstone: Hitch Up Your Team

By Bill Bunting

November 9, 2022

It seems in today’s world no one wants to pull their own weight or haul their own freight. Instead of draggin’ their own wagon they hitch their team to the wagon that’s movin’ fastest. Right now the wagon in the lead is climate change. This is why all the special interest groups are hitchin’ up to share the momentum of the movement. Anyone with an agenda or a vendetta ties on. We are told to follow the science but from where I’m standin’ it seems politics is pullin’ the wagon, science has just tied their team on to gain their share of the momentum. In readin’ about the new 375 billion dollar climate change bill, it seems much of it is earmarked to those who have hitched on to the wagon. Such is politics I reckon.

We’ve had wagon trains before and races for the gold. In the California gold rush beginning in 1848 people hitched onto whatever means they could get there first and fast. When it was all over a very few got rich and the rest found themselves broke and disappointed. Seems as though we’ll be seein’ this once again. Instead of goin’ for the gold we are now goin’ for the green and the more green they print to pay for the green the less the green in your pocket is worth.

I will admit that I have never been much of a team player. I had a friend tell me [in a loving manner] that even if the band was playin’ my song I’d march off to one side. Now it seems to me this wagon train is headed for a wreck and not headin’ the direction I want to go. So ‘Ole Cheryl and I will hitch our team to our own wagon, off to one side in the other direction. We may be slow but if you pull up beside us, we have time for a cup of coffee.

At least that’s the view here from behind the grindstone

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