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Behind the Grindstone: Amoebae

By Bill Bunting

November 23, 2022

Well, we are comin’ up on the day that has made November famous. Thanksgiving. A day set aside, as the name implies, for givin’ thanks. We all have somethin’ to be thankful for, either things we have or things we don’t have. My mom had a sayin’ she used right often, “I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” Now ‘Ole Cheryl and I, believin’ in creation, naturally give thanks to the Creator. As I gaze at the stars at night here on the prairie, stretchin’ from horizon to horizon, I see evidence of a Creator. As I watch the sun come up every mornin’ and set every evening, I see the evidence of a Creator. Throughout all of nature I see evidence of a creator, so when we sit down to a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day we give thanks to, you guessed it, our Creator. Now I realize that everyone readin’ this may not believe the same as ‘Ole Cheryl and I but if you believe in evolution or any other theory you can still be thankful. You can thank your lucky stars that when the big bang banged all the stars just happened to fall into the right place, so we have the opportunity to enjoy them at night. And that our favorite star, the sun, happened to land at the exact right distance to warm our hides but not roast our buns. If evolution is your thing, you too have much to be thankful for. You can be thankful that that one-celled amoebae had the intestinal fortitude to crawl out of the warmth of the primeval swamp and begin to evolve. You can be thankful that this little critters descendants had the gumption to continue this journey for 800 million years. And as you set down to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and gaze upon that turkey on the platter, you can once again be thankful that every time that little amoebae critter came to a fork in the trail, he had the wisdom to split and go both ways. Otherwise we might all be turkeys. ‘Ole Cheryl and I want to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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