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Behind the Grindstone: Forbidden Love

By Bill Bunting

February 15, 2023

There’s love for the prairie
And love on the prairie as well
It’s a love story on the prairie
This love story that we tell

Cause Valentines Day is upon us
And love is in the air
It’s the time to show the one you love
How much you really care

But it’s not all that easy
If your love has been forbidden
If you have to meet in secret
And keep your feelins’ hidden

And if the one that you love so
Don’t know that you exist
It adds another line to the rhyme
And gives the plot a twist

Oh, the first time that she saw him
It was love at first sight
And she dreamed of him
Most near every night

She dreamed so often about him
He was so big and strong
She dreamed some day he’d sweep her off her feet
And carry her along

As he trekked across the prairie
On the trail he’d always take
His voice was so loud and clear
And it seemed the ground would shake

But each time that she saw him
He just seemed to pass her by
Why if he had only looked at her
She felt that she would die

Her mother warned her about him
“Girl, he’s just not our kind
Nothin’ but heartache awaits you
If you two become entwined”

Her father only snorted
Had nothin’ more to say
She could tell by his actions
His blessings were not on the way

So she schemed and dreamed like Juliet
To meet her Romeo
Although their love was forbidden
She felt that she must go

So she slipped away to meet him
In the dark of the night
And there in the distance
She saw the glow of his light

Well, they met on the bridge at midnight
They’ll meet no more again
She a southbound heifer
He a northbound train

Sure nuff. He swept her off her feet.

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.