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Behind the Grindstone: Prayer and Rain

By Administrator

June 14, 2023

Several weeks ago a group of us gathered at the city park and prayed for rain. It had been dry with blowing dust for so long. A few days later the rains started. Since then we have received 7½ inches of slow, soaking rain.

The sunrise was bright
And shore quite a sight
And fog lay heavy in the draw

The grass was as green
As any he’d seen
One of the prettiest mornin’s he’d saw

The dew was so wet
Like the grass had started to sweat
Drawn from the moisture in the air

It dripped from the trees and their leaves
And from the bunkhouse eves
Somethin’ on the prairie right rare

It had been dry for so long
The wind blowin’ strong
It seemed it never would end

The dust and the weeds
Scatterin’ their seeds
Tumbling in the ceaseless wind

So they gathered together
In the dry dusty weather
To ask the Lord to send rain

This drought without end
The dust and the wind
Would most nearly make you insane

Well, He answered their cries
As rain soon fell from the skies
And gently covered dry ground

They were thankful for each drop
And that the rain didn’t stop
There’s just not a prettier sound

And so the rains came
Each day was the same
And soaked up the dry from the earth

The grass greened and grew
And the wildflowers too
Like the land was given new birth

Well, there’s a saying of old
Yet to this day it is told
“Give credit where credit is due”

“So for all of the rains
That have covered our plains
Lord, we give the credit to you”

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.