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Behind the Grindstone: Roundin' Up Sheep

By Bill Bunting

July 26, 2023

Now Shorty had lots of sheep
Sheep from here to there
In every pasture on the ranch
Sheep scattered everywhere

Nineteen hundred and thirty nine head
Was the count to be exact
That he needed help to round them up
Was shore enough a fact

So he drove into town
To the local pet store
Said he was lookin’ for help roundin’ up sheep
He needed a couple of dogs or more

The man behind the counter
Says “I’ve got just the dog for you
This dog can do anything
That you tell him to”

“You won’t need two dogs
This one will do the job
His name is Samuel Brown The Third
But we just call him Bob”

“Cause he’s got a short tail
But it didn’t affect his mind
He’ll be the smartest dog you’ve ever had
I’m sure that you will find”

“And old Bob’s got a pedigree
A papered dog as well
A genuine registered Sheep Dog
The only kind we sell”

“Why he’ got the highest IQ
Of any dog I’ve sold
And he can cipher quicker
Than any man I’m told”

“Cause this dogs a mathematician
And he can speak as well
Why he can recite poetry
And has stories he can tell”

“And old Bob now he can reason
And think the problem through
Why he’s a genius at equations
I’m sure you won’t be needin’ two”

So Shorty purchased his new sheep dog
And put him to work right away
They drove to the highest point on the ranch
The very next day

Where they could look down on the sheep
And see nearly every one
He was excited to watch and see
How this roundin’ up was done

He said “I have nineteen hundred and thirty nine sheep
So Bob you old pup
I’ve given you the numbers
I want you to round them up”

“Now that’s a mathematical problem”
Bob the sheep dog said
“I can round them up for you
You have nineteen hundred and forty head”

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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