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Behind the Grindstone: Jose's Christmas

By Bill Bunting

December 20, 2023

Us kids we would all gather
‘Round the old man Jose
And we would all listen
To the stories he would say

“The night it was dark
No moon in the sky
There was Manuel and Pedro
And Pablo and I”

“Now I was an orphan
A kid with nowhere to belong
When Manuel he found me
And took me along”

“And he taught me of sheep
And all of their ways
Of tending the flock
And watching for strays”

“And life on the prairie
It suited me fine
These men were a family
That I could call mine”

“We were rolled in our bedrolls
All sound asleep
Trusting the dogs
To take care of the sheep”

“Then I heard this noise
I jump outa’ my bed
What is it I asked
“I don’t know”, Pablo said”

“Then I hear music
Coming out of the skies
And I stand there a rubbing
The sleep from my eyes”

“And I saw these angels
All gathered around
And they were the ones
Who were making this sound”

“So I pinch myself
To make sure I’m awake
I slap my own face
Give my head a big shake”

“I must be awake
But they were still there
They were standing on nothing
Up there in the air”

“One say he is bringing
To us the good news
And I think this is something
That we could all use”

“He say a baby is born
Who is the new King
And this is what caused
The angels to sing”

“A King and a Savior
The angel, he say
You will find Him in a stable
Asleep on the hay”

“The music it rose
And the music it fell
It seemed all of creation
Was singing as well”

“The angels were singing
About peace and joy
Manuel said, “Lets go
And find us this boy”

“We can leave the sheep”
Pablo he say
“The angels have scared
The coyotes away”

“And we find the stable
Just a cave in the rock
It was full of goats and sheep
And other livestock”
“And there we found Him
The Messiah and King
The one that had caused
The angels to sing”

“And I asked Manuel
What kind of King this would be
Who was born in a barn
Who was born much like me”

“Manuel he was thinking
And pondered a while
Then he looked at me
And said with a smile”

“He’ll walk on the prairie
Much like me and you
And have the same problems
That you and I do”

“A teacher, a shepherd
A Savior, and King
The one that caused
The angels to sing”

“He won’t live in a big casa
Or rule many lands
But He will be a King
Who understands”

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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