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Behind the Grindstone: Unnamed Horse

By Administrator

January 26, 2024

The story begins “Back in the day”
As all good stories start this way
It is said the west was wild
Years before the homesteads filed
A bout the time the sun went down
A stranger rode into town
Hitched his pony at the local saloon
Thinkin’ he’d howl at the moon
And do a little socializin’
Never once realizin’
That he would set history on it’s course
An unnamed man on an unnamed horse
And so he became socialized
The more he became liquidized
Wobbly kneed and blurry eyed
He couldn’t howl although he tried
But contrary to what most folks think
Horses too become fond of drink
And many a cowboy were willing to pay
To see a horse put a pint away
Soon spraddle legged and wobbly kneed
He had become an unstable steed
When leavein’ time had finally came
Man and horse were somewhat the same
Both had become inebriated
Though the act is over rated
He could not mount although he tried
Newfound friends got him astride
And tied the reigns in a knot
Off they went at a lopsided trot
And with this unsteady gait
They wandered cross the real estate
The tracks were followed the next day
By a coyote driftin’ along that way
Thinkin’ with his coyote zeal
A dying horse would make a meal
But his hopes soon got sunk
The horse weren’t dying only drunk
Now other critters saw the track
And wandered up and wandered back
And soon the track became a trail
Cattle driven to the rail
The cattle trail now was made
On the path the horse had laid
Which soon became a wagon track
Wanderin’ to and wanderin’ back
Adding miles to the route
With all of it’s wanderin’ about
Years have come and years have passed
And pavement covered the trail at last
Following on the wobbly course
Laid down by a drunken horse
And many a passerby
Would wonder at and question why
A road out on the prairie flat
Would weave and wander around like that
When asked why this trail was made
With all it’s twists and bends were laid
And why the road which was now paved
Followed the trail that dipped and waved
And wandered cross the country side
Like the lost without a guide
No one remembers why of course
Long forgotten the drunken horse
The answer comes without fail
We were just following anothers trail

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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