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Behind the Grindstone: The Jesus Poem

By Bill Bunting

March 17, 2024

As the Easter season approaches it reminds me of a poem I wrote several years ago. I was talkin’ to a man and he asked me why I thought they missed Jesus when he came. I was readin’ in the book Matthew where Jesus was teachin’ in the temple. The religious leaders of the day came to him and asked “Whose authority are you doing this by?” You see they knew of Jesus [they were standin’ there talkin’ to him] but they didn’t know Jesus. On down in the chapter Jesus tells them, “The tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom ahead of you, because they believed and you didn’t.” I wrote this poem from the viewpoint of a man who was here at the time Christ walked the earth and did not believe.

Who is this man who walks the earth
Says he’s the Son of God
I’ll tell you boys this isn’t right
He’s nothin’ but a fraud

When our Messiah comes, He’ll swing a sword
His horse a snortin’ fire
I’ll tell you boys this isn’t right
He’s nothin’but a liar

We wrapped these thorns around his head
Now boys you all take heed
Do you think the Son of God
Would just stand there and bleed

What you say we crucify him
Put him on a cross
If he’s not who he says he is
It’s really not much loss

Oh I remember when he was born
Yea, I remember the day
Down there in a barn
Illegitimate some would say

You know what the gossip was
Boys, you know how it goes
Who his father really is
I’m not sure anybody knows

Why she said it was God Almighty
This baby was God here on earth
Huh, she even said she was a virgin
Then she up and gave birth

But it sure got old Herod stirred up
He like to wiped out every kid
Tryin’ to kill that little bugger
Terrible what he did

Then as he got older
He started gatherin’ himself a crew
Got those rowdies down there on the dock
And a tax collector too

Then he started eatin’ with sinners
Thieves and crooks and whores
The like of who we’d never let
Through our churches doors

But boys, folks seem drawn to him
He even seems to heal their sick
Though I’m not sure they’ll stay that way
It’s got to be a trick

He’s even castin’ out demons
But whose name is he doin’ it in
Why he even said if you’d believe
He’d take away your sin

Blasphemy I say
He’s just a rotten seed
Do you think the Son of God
Would just stand there and bleed

Well’ we sure ‘nough got him hung
He’s been crucified
Though I’m not sure, was that a mistake
Even though he died

These things been goin’ on
This darkness in the day
Now this is mighty strange
No matter what you say

And when we put him in the tomb
And covered it with a rock
Three days later he just disappeared
Now that was quite a shock

Boys I think he was who he said
Though I reckon there’s nothin’ we can do
I guess it best we just cover this up
And pay a bribe or two

Naw, he wasn’t the Messiah
He wasn’t who he said
Do you think the Son of God
Would have just hung there and bled

Romans 5:8: “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

At least, that’s the view here from behind the grindstone.

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