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Hope as an Anchor

By Breanna Echols

October 27, 2021

Hope is a beautiful thing. Priceless when you think about it, because hope is what keeps us hanging on in difficult times. When we lose our hope, we lose our reason for wanting to truly live, and instead we find ourselves just trying to exist.
What do you do when your hope dies? The Bible says that hope delayed makes the heart sick. And if you’re reading this, chances are at some point in your life, you have felt the sting of this death.

I think many of us have experienced our hope dying in one way or another, and increasingly so over the last couple of years. Not only with a virus that has no doubt crippled the nation and even the world with fear, but there seems to be a chasm between us as people, and it is ever widening.

Right or left, black or white, vaccinated or not vaccinated, blue or red, pro-this or anti-that, you can’t deny that there is a tension in the air and these days it seems to follow you wherever you go. I think deep down we all just want it to stop.

As I’ve thought about all these things lately, it’s only served to fill me with more gratitude to live where we do, on these eastern plains of Colorado. Just a short drive and you’re on a backroad, with no one in sight for miles and miles. It’s the perfect place to escape, breathe freely for a few minutes, and find healing-even for a moment-for your broken hope.

For me, it’s here, in the crisp morning air, standing in the field of harvest-ready red milo that stretches on for miles and miles, that I’m reminded hope can heal, and dead dreams can live again.

I’m finding that it’s much easier to face difficult situations when we have hope for a beneficial outcome. It’s the lack of hope that makes it difficult to try to see it through.

Without hope, there is no substance for faith.

Without faith, there is no reason to plant seeds.

My prayer for you this week, is that if you are lacking hope, you find the healing for it, and you place it in God, where it can never be shaken. Then you can stand firm and secure no matter the storms against you that may arise. Hope is an anchor. Don’t let it go just because you’re afraid of being disappointed. Let your hope be revived. The best days are yet to come.

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