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Prayers for You

By Breanna Echols

February 1, 2023

These are the prayers that overtake my heart and soul for you.

For anyone who might need to read this. (So many of you come to my mind)

For anyone who needs to know that they are cared about.

That you are loved with an everlasting love.

That even if you can’t hear God,

He still burdens the hearts of His people to pray on your behalf.

That you aren’t alone or forgotten, and every tear, every fear, every concern, every delayed hope, is already being worked out.


I pray for the broken.

This year has been hard for so many people, and then it got even harder.

You see the worn out, you see the weary. You see the exhausted hearts and souls around me.

You know my heart is to reflect your light, your hope, your peace, your love and make a difference in someone’s life today.

So many are grieving.

Healing is ugly, and beautiful all at once, and You hear every cry, and every question in our minds. the “when?” The “how” The “I don’t understand, why is this allowed?”

You see the fear that keeps us dreading the uncertain future. You long to replace that dread with anticipation.

Please help us be still long enough to hear your direction and answers.

Please help me trust your plan, as I take these next steps forward.

Rescue those who are trapped in the prisons of their own souls. Show them you are good, and you can be trusted.

Bless my friends today, in both expected and unexpected ways. Answer prayers. Make it clear.

Wrap your arms around every hurting heart.

Let your presence reveal the right perspective we need to have in these chaotic times.

In the name of Jesus, above all other names I pray,

Amen. (so be it)

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