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All in His Perfect Timing

By Administrator

February 8, 2023

As I sit here drinking my oh so favorite beverage, coffee, on this very early morning, I’m reflecting on what a whirlwind the last few years have been for us.

If you’ve been keeping up, you probably heard about the start of Triple E Farms, and how I had a very hard time adjusting to the sacrifices we had to make to make it happen. The fifth wheel season. It taught me a lot, but I definitely questioned God on why it was necessary for us for so long.

We spent exactly 4-years and 6-weeks in a 29’ one slide 1995 Jayco fifth-wheel on a piece of land with no water. (We had to truck it in every week.) I will not go into detail about how much I despised that thing… but looking back on it, it was the death of my will, and the birth of my faith. My “Gethsemane”. My Galatians 2:20. (For I am crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ in me.)

Lately, a lot of my internal questions have been answered. Honestly, I have often felt out of place here in Eastern CO. I serve in many places, but I have felt lost as far as finding my own purpose here. I’m not a person who can handle “surface” living. I have a deep desire to impact the lives of others in a positive way, which is why I share so much on Facebook, with my music, and in writing for The Kiowa County Independent.

Over the last few days, God has opened BIG doors for me. I have an online boutique that I started last year called “The Wishing Windmill”. My vision for it was to eventually put up a brick-and-mortar location to serve the women in my community, because it takes too long to drive to the city just for a little bit of shopping, and it’s hard to justify unless you get groceries or something you really need.

It’s hard living out here, and the women in these small communities need a place to go for a quick “pick me up”. It brings tears to my eyes that God would count me as worthy enough to serve them. Y’all ladies are warriors! Teachers. Ranchers. Farmers. Mothers. Impactors. Cheerleaders. Encouragers. I am humbled and honored to open a place that hopefully serves to encourage and lift your sweet spirits.

Monday Jan 30th, I met with the superintendent of our school, to discuss sharing the Wildcat Corner space in Kit Carson, with my boutique. Tuesday, Feb 7th, is the Grand Opening!

And suddenly, it all makes sense to me. Through all the hardship and disappointment, we’ve faced, I’ve learned that His timing is perfect. His ways are higher. He holds my future, and He has a plan, one that I can trust is for my good, and for the good of all around me. He is working all things together, at all times.

My heart is so full.

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