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By Breanna Echols

June 8, 2023

That little four-letter word is the most important thing to us. It controls mostly everything we do, everything we think, and everything we want to be in life.

We learn very early in life, the value of time. “Read to me mommy!” “Daddy play with me!”

The small 30-60 minutes we craved daily from our parents as a child, trying to get them to connect with us on our tiny level. But still, it changes the outlook on our entire childhood as we look back on it. It often determined whether or not we felt loved, and it affects how we receive love when we are older.

Then when we are teens/early adults, time is scary. We get worried about our future. What it will look like, who will we marry, if the dream life we want will ever come true. And that we won’t ever know until we can pass finals.

You begin your career. Time becomes money, and soon you find yourself working until you have absolutely nothing left to give.

Then comes the day you meet the love of your life! Time is something you would do anything for. Time becomes love. You don’t care where or what you do, just as long as you do it together. Spending time with him/her.

It’s the most valuable thing in the world to you.

Then you have kids, and time is a thief. You can literally hear the clock ticking away as you watch them grow up right before your eyes. Before you know it, they won’t fit in your arms anymore, and those tiny hands, will be able to hold a pen and write words! Those little words they just learned to say, turn into full blown sentences and very soon after that they go off to school where time takes them away for 8 hours.

It’s so bittersweet. Ever Elusive Time is the most valuable thing in this world. We get so used to being used by it, ruling over our families tempting us with the “somedays” for example “if you work hard now, someday you will be able to spend more time with your family.” Or “if you can make enough money working (trading your time) at this job, maybe then you can afford to live out your dreams!” Or “someday I will be happy”

It’s time, to prioritize.

Maybe families wouldn’t be falling apart if we as husbands & wives put the TIME and WORK into our marriage relationships. And as parents, spent more time relating to our kids. Turning off the tv, Facebook, electronics, and actually having conversations. On their level. Not from a parental perspective, but actually trying to see the world through their eyes.

This is my time. These are my moments.

I AM PRESENT. Are you?

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