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To the Difference Makers

By Breanna Echols

January 19, 2024

With the upcoming release of my song “Cease Fire” l am learning just how much work goes into creating and releasing music.

When you are an independent artist, you are not just the songwriter and singer.

You are also your own—Booking Agent. Manager. Record Producer. Sound Technician. Composer. Promoter. Graphic Designer. Videographer. Director. Costume Designer. Editor. Hair and Makeup Artist. Camera Operator. Lighting Technician. Publicist. Mixing and Mastering. Audio Technician—AND Social Media Marketing Team. So if you see an artist that has very little or no outside expertise and is pioneering their own path, now knowing all the work that goes into this, you can see why sharing and supporting their work means the absolute world to them.

Because they know, even with all of this work, their art will never be seen or heard without YOU spreading the word.

JUST like showing up to the high school basketball, volleyball, or football games and cheering for your favorite team…. when you share an independent artist’s music, and even the posts or videos about the music, it’s like you are taking the role of a Promotional Assistant and it is HUGE. It is the most crucial role you can play for an independent artist. YOU are what can make or break them. Everyone has a part to play. Don’t underestimate the value you bring to the table, every single time you stream a song, share a social media post, or talk to someone about a new song you just fell in love with. Truly, we can’t achieve anything without the help of others who are around us. We all depend on each other, and there is room for everyone to succeed. So be an encouragement! Spread the word, and make some dreams come true. Every single thing you do to show support, can make a whole world of difference for the dreamers in your life. Be more than a listener! Be a Difference Maker!

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