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Brea Echols

By Breanna Echols

April 26, 2024

I believe one of the reasons we go through painful things in our lives, is for the purpose of helping others through their similar painful moments. Because without having the experience, we wouldn’t be able to empathize, and without the ability to empathize, we would never be able to make a lasting impact on others who come into our lives.

Pain without a purpose is pointless. If you broke your arm and refused to get it re-set, braced, and held in a position to heal, more damage will be the only result. If the bone is allowed to heal in a crooked position, the arm will not function properly. Then, when you have to correct what has grown to be dysfunctional, you will have to re-break what has already been broken once, and start the process of healing all over again. What would’ve taken a few weeks has now turned into years of patterns, and learned habits, that hinder the full function of that arm.

As described above, the same principle can be applied to emotional, and mental pain. When you don’t allow yourself to sit with the emotions you are going through, and let them have their space, (allowing the feelings to bring you to a place of observation) you are eliminating the option to consider the position that needs to be taken to promote healing, therefore prolonging the whole healing process and taking a road that causes even more pain over time.

I’d like to suggest that perhaps the purpose of pain, is to provoke us to seek our own healing. When you heal, you will be naturally drawn to help others who are going through a similar painful situation. Maybe it is this, helping others heal, that is the greater purpose we all try to seek and often fail to understand in the midst of our circumstance.

Consider how you would gladly bear the pain over watching one you love go through it. Wouldn’t the pain be worth it if you could take it upon yourself instead of seeing the one you love bear it alone?

When I was pondering this topic, I thought of how we often seem to respond to pain with the question… “why me?”. We see ourselves as victims instead of warriors sent to pioneer the way to make the path easier, and safer for those who follow us. I believe every person has a level of influence. Whether used for selfish gain or for helping others, this influence is often disregarded when our focus shifts from choosing to see the problems as an obstacle to overcome, versus seeing ourselves as a victim of attack.

“Life happens” we say. And yes, it does, but I wonder if our shrugging off these circumstances as “life happening” is choosing to ignore the probability that our own fears created the painful circumstance we find ourselves in? Nevertheless…All that has been stated above is merely a glimpse of the pondering of my own mind, and hopefully serves to provide you, my fellow deep thinkers, with some food for thought.