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Day to Day with Doris February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

      Greetings from Eads, America.  My goals is to inform readers of the news around Eads and Haswell with quick little bites of happenings in this area.  People who have news to be printed may call me at 438-5665, hand me a note or leave it on my porch.

      Alice Glover returned from having major surgery.  Her daughters, Patty and Peggy, are taking turns staying with her at her son, Richard, and Koy’s home in Eads. 

     Dominic Hernandez is home after heart surgery in Denver. And is bravely healing. 

    Elda Stavely was thrilled to have her son, Johnny Allen, come from Pueblo West to take her to the McClave-Eads basketball game.  Her grandson, R. J., also sat with her to watch her great grandson, Reo, play on the McClave team.  She was surprised and pleased so many people greeted her after the game.

   Loretta Seibel and LaVerle Kelley were glad to have their daughters, Cheryl and Linnae, come from Kansas and Texas to visit and attend the ball games.

  A.J. and Ciarra McCracken hosted a party for their three old son, Brantley. A.J. decorated the little boy’s tractor cake.  Ciarra took care of all the balloons around the yard. 

   Jim Garner came to visit his mother, Evelyn, and to look for a home so he can relocate in Eads.

    Harriette Brown and Bonnie Lessenden, retired after working at Weisbrod Hospital for over 30 to 40 years.  The community thanks them for all their years of service.

     Eads high school FFA student members attended the National Livestock Show in Denver.  What fun!

      Denny Wall and Reanee Wall formerly of Arlington are living in a re-hab hospital in Arizona.  His brother, Dave Wall and Charla Ferris visited twice this month. It’s a blessing to have Colorado relatives assist at this rather traumatic time.  While they were there, they visited Charla’s mother who has a winter home in Arizona.

    The Republican County Committee had its first meeting to prepare for the county and national elections.  The next two meetings are in March. 

Sharon Frazee and Wanda Lessendenare the Directors of the Eads and Haswell Senior Centers. These ladies plan activities, cook many meals, counsel people, and are a mainstay of the elder generation.  Thank YOU, ladies!!!

Good news. Bob Kliesen is home from the hospital.  His grandchildren encourage him to exercise by going on walks with him.

    Polly Collins Johnson of Kit Carson returned to her ranch home this week.  She will have care from “Touching Hearts” via Tara Gaynor.   This agency is such a blessing, and Tara tells me they reach into Kiowa County.  What a caring lady!

    The number of Eads Eagle fans has increased since Lonnie and Beth Spady moved near Haswell so their children could attend Eads Schools.  Grandfather, Donnie, relatives and friends travel long distances to see the girls play in the middle school and high school games.

  The Haswell United Methodist Church family is planning ways to celebrate the church’s 100th birthday. Some of my best memories are when I sang there in summer weddings and attended Christmas Eve Services.

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