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Day-to-Day with Doris

By Doris Lessenden

February 22, 2023

I always think of Josh Gifford when I hear or read that scripture because that was his favorite verse when he was in high school.

Eastern Colorado looks like a winter wonderland again this week. Only now we are a windswept land after the Wednesday the 15th storm. Even though many plans, schools, dinners, and meetings had to be postponed, the snow is a real blessing for our land that has been suffering a drought for several years. We who live here are just used to snow melting faster….like the next day. (Smiling)

School officials had the foresight to take their wrestlers and coaches to Denver on Tuesday rather than the usual Wednesday pattern. It was a more costly trip for sports people and fans but at least they arrived in Denver before the highways were closed. On Tuesday afternoon, one of our firetrucks led the parade from the school “send off” up Slater Street and down Maine Street for the well-wishers to cheer the County Line Wrestler Team which is made up of young men from Eads, Cheyenne Wells, McClave, and Wiley schools. Then the team bus traveled north to pick up Cheyenne Wells wrestler Chason Turner and Coach Reagan Lane in Kit Carson.

They wrestled the three day tournament. Eads junior Keenan Smith placed 4th in State in the 157 pound division.

Friends of SUE FOX are planning some fundraising events to assist Sue Fox with additional cancer treatments. Local Knowledge Bowl members will be selling tickets for a Drawing of a gorgeous quilt made by Carole Spady. The students will be in the Multi-Purpose Room during the middle school wrestling tournament next week or send your $20.00 to the school, 210 West 10th Street, Eads. Mrs. Dawn James stated that the quilt will be given during the benefit dinner that will be announced later date.

Many children, parents, and spectator adults are really excited that 50 to 60 youth after auditions will get to sing, dance, and act in the Missoula Traveling Children’s Theatre for two performances of “Rapunzel.”. This is one of my favorite fairy tales. This wonderful company also brings the set, costumes, and lights for what was absolutely marvelous last year when they performed “The Jungle Book.” This is an absolute dream-come-true for many of us who love the theatre. Thank you, to the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center board and their chairwoman, Betsy (Legg) Barnett for bringing this fine arts learning opportunity to us.

Many of us have really missed the broadcast from KLMR since their equipment and building was damaged last year in that wind burst storm. Since the radios I had at home didn’t clearly broadcast KVAY or other stations I ordered a finer radio with tape and disc player.

Since it was complex, I was glad that young Steve Bates educated me on how to use it on Tuesday. I was happy when I heard familiar names of Kit Carson girls playing at Springfield. The KC girls won and senior, Tess Johnson, was named MVP! As much as I try to save energy and money, I decided to just leave the radio on for a few days to be sure to hear the sports news. On Thursday night I heard the Eads boys won over Hugo-Genoa. Porter Spady was named the MVP for the Eads Eagles. Friday evening Dave Weaver on KLMR announced the exciting games of Granada and Eads. Marrisa Valenzuela and John Hainer of Granada earned the MVP recognition.

Last Thursday the shocking news was passed through the community that Rob Kelley died suddenly. Rob and Doris lived in the Lakewood area of Denver, but his heart was always loyal to the Eads Eagles. When we would be playing at State, Rob would always be at those games to cheer for us. Likewise, he really cared about the Kiowa County Fair and was amassing money to help fund the horse races. In fact, he was working and lobbying for the survival of the Kiowa County Fair. I used the word “survival” because even though I think the Commissioners and county has the money, we need people who will VOLUNTEER to help make it happen.

Let’s remember to support the efforts and projects of each school’s FFA—Future Farmers of America organization. This organization and its classes can teach life lesson in agriculture, occupation direction, and leadership.

How nice that Shawn Kraft and staff of the Kiowa Healthmart delivered flowers, boxes of candies, stuffed toys and gifts to people about town from others who had ordered the gifts. It was fun for many of us and brought such pleasure. Thank you, for this gracious service especially since we don’t have a flower shop anymore. Violet Sneyd and staff of the Prairie Pines organized and delivered pretty pastel cake pops as a fundraiser for the Pines Auxiliary. Oh, those brought a lot of delight to those who received the tasty treats.

Breanna Echols has opened her “Wishing Windmill” Boutique in the Kit Carson School Store on Highway 287 and Main. Her store has a variety of fashions and accessories. She’s open on Mondays through Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm. She can attend her lovely store and still serve drinks, ice cream, and treats while her three children are in school.

The Eads Senior Citizen noon dinner is Wednesday, February 22.

Shalom, my Friends.