Day-to-Day With Doris

By Doris Lessenden

August 9, 2023

Happy 77th Wedding Anniversary the Don and Esther McCoin of Eads! Joyce Berry shared that good news after she visited them in their Prairie Pines apartment. Joyce, Alice Glover and Loretta Seibel went to the weekly Coffee Hour that is held on Thursday afternoons at Prairie Pines Assisted Living after it was announced at Brunch last Thursday. Alice learned that Mary Marble will be 99 years old this week, August 11th. I do so hope that people will take time for an hour or less and go to these Coffee Hours. Residents do enjoy seeing people from the outside world.

Gail Voss had decorated the Senior Center in lovely yellow and white colors accented with vases of sunflowers and pretty wreaths by Lonnie Hier. The Eads Senior Citizen Brunch was lovely last week. We now look forward to the monthly noon meal on August 16th for lasagna.

Alice Glover told us that her son Richard and wife Koy had left and stayed with daughter Chel-C and family Wednesday and would then drive on the their new home in Cincinnati, Ohio. They will be sorely missed in Eads by Alice and all the residents of Prairie Pines who were accustomed to her nearly daily visits, but Richard needs to be near a military hospital and so does Koy. Friends around Eads will “keep an eye out for Alice” as well as her adopted family, Matt and Claire Prince and boys, Colin and Charlie.

The County Fair is less than a month away. Exhibitors, do you have your exhibits ready? Have you picked up your registration form and exhibit tags from the Extension Office? Secretary Krystal Eikenberg or County Agent, Tearle Lessenden will be happy to help you.

We thank the County Fair Board who has been working hard to arrange a fine week of Fair Days. Remember last year we were down to two people on the board but now some good citizens stepped forward the serve. They are Areta Blooding-Laird, Tabatha Ferris, Mikaheal Rogers, Cody Fox, Kent Frazee, Kip Peck, Trent Rittgers and Fair Manager Donna Adame. The Kiowa County Fair is on September 6-9.

The Sheridan Lake Bible Church welcomes their new pastor Jim and Pam Canaday. Bill and Charlotte Woelk share their church bulletin with me, which I pass on to Mary Marble or Shirley Watts. They are always interested in their hometown area people. I admire how the church involves their members and have so many participating on committees. People drive from Eads and other long distances to attend this vibrant church.

I have heard so many compliments on the Gloria Peck Quilt Show during the Maine Street Bash. Someone asked me if they were all quilted by Gloria who is now deceased. No, 78 men and women from other communities displayed their quilts. Some were even hung out- side for people to enjoy. Twenty people rose early to run or walk in the Wholey Healthy 5K Run on the streets around town. 1st was Myles Northrup-Lamar, 2nd—Ryan Harbour—Wiley, and 3rd—Heather Guffy—Eads.

Edi Nordquist has been a Face Painter at the Maine Street Bash for several years. She just gets better and better. But I well know that artistic talent runs in their family of sisters, Carrie, Laurie, Amy, and Julie who are all gifted.

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last week. They are making plans for the annual Thursday and Friday Breakfast during the County Fair. Donations would be most helpful. These breakfasts are served north of the bank. It is really one of the favorite parts of the county fair for many people. Brandon and Angela Hoffman have had more Eads Bucks made. They urge that merchants do not accept ‘expired’ Eads Bucks. The Chamber is contemplating hosting the Chamber-After-Hours once a month with special educational speakers as we used to do before the pandemic. Jan and Danny Richards have arranged to have a new Chamber banner made.

Eads Schools begin next week. Open House In both schools is at 6:00pm on Thursday, August 10. There will be an Education Association Ice Cream and baked goods sale for the Scholarship Fund. The next day—Thursday, classes begin!

Pamela (PJ) Lessenden begins duties as West End Senior Citizen coordinator of meals and activities this month. She is a creative, sensitive, loving lady, so seniors can look forward to some gooood times.

We were going to the park when my little three-year-old great-great niece, Willa, pointed and exclaimed, “Castle, Castle!” She saw the grain elevator. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

I like to read the Pages of the Past in the Press. Last week it said that “75 years ago, Mrs. Joe Barnett had a special thrill when she received “The Good Neighbor Award” on the Breakfast in Hollywood Program.” My sister and I and other little girls used to take tap dance lessons from Mrs. Madelyn Barnett. That was in the years before l949 when I had polio. Good memories.

Congratulations to Corky and Birdie (Mays) Hines who celebrated their 60 years of marriage last week. I remember how excited our Home Ec class was when Birdie received a letter from Corky from Viet Nam (more good memories).

Shalom, peace.

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