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Day-to-Day With Doris

By Doris Lessenden

June 4, 2024
The Lord said, “Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you shall glorify me.”
Psalm 50:15 (NRSVUE)

Dear reader, please read the highlighted Bible verse above. Its message is summarized in the accompanying statement: “Whatever life brings, God can always pull me through.”

Those two messages have such hope, but sometimes in life we may feel so hopeless from life happenings in our own lives. In fact, in just the last few days some of these situations have hit people who are very dear to me or for whom I care about a lot. Like a poor mother whose babysitter suddenly tells her “I need a month off,” without giving her a two weeks’ notice, a tornado hits a vacation home and thus thwarts holiday plans, a stressful medical diagnosis, getting used to living in a nursing home, a prairie fire on one’s land, having to build more fence to keep the neighbor’s bulls out of one rancher’s pasture, young mother needing childcare so she can work, and those are just a few I have heard in the last two and a half days. I remind people around me, as well as myself—There is always HOPE.

The Eads High School Graduation was well attended last Saturday the 25th of May for the following students Kacy Gurrola, Katie Johnson, Breanna Lawrence –Wilson, Brentley Lening, Nathan Lowe, Madison McDowell, Keenan Smith, Owen Sorter, and Porter Spady. It was nice to see and hear Nancy McCracken at the keyboard playing the Processional. We were pleased to see four of the six School Board members on stage. They were Jessica Sierra, Holly Mitchek, Shawn Kraft, and Keith Crow to present diplomas along with Board President Ralph Berry and Superintendent Glenn Smith. Principal Brian Bohlander and others presented the scholarships, many of which were large and impressive. Hopefully soon there will be a listing in the newspaper.

Summer baseball is beginning, but rain has caused some games to be re-scheduled. Remember it is summertime and younger students may be out and about or on their way to ball practices or games as well as swimming lessons.

Parishioners at the Eads Praise Community Church were pleased to have Loy Jones to come from Colorado Springs to go to his home church of his youth and his wife, Betty, who died last year. He likes to attend with friends he enjoyed knowing from years ago and they like for him to bring frog eye salad to the potluck dinners.

Carolyn Voss pf Parker and Gail Voss of Eads visited their sister-in-law, Terry Voss, in Weisbrod Extended Care Unit last Sunday. Loy Jones visited Bob Miller as well as the ladies in the small dining room where Pastor Mark Imel had just finished giving us a Sunday message. We so greatly enjoy his messages.

The Hospital Auxiliary will meet this month. We do invite others to come to our meetings that are on the second Tuesday of the month. The next meeting will be June 11th at 11:00 am in the Weisbrod Hospital facility. One may check in with Candy Lane or Dally Lessenden at the entry office to see which room we are dining and meeting in. We welcome new people to come to help us earn money at our Fall Bazaar and to do helpful projects for the residents. Margaret Frazee used to tell us, “We need to spend some of our savings money. So, we have purchased our shade curtains, treat cart, television, and other needs that arise.

One of the enjoyable activities that we do at Weisbrod is to “Walk and Roll” in wheelchairs on Wednesday mornings during warm weather. Most people have neat yards that have green grass or well-groomed yards landscaped with rocks and cement. Most people care about raking out the extra tumbleweeds that blow in. Sometimes we stop at the stores to buy things or look at the merchandise. I highly suggest that more people get out and walk several blocks each day or evening.

Eads is so blessed to have two certified graduates from Regis College who work here five days a week. They live in Denver but have been coming here for many years. Mr. Joe Zinger and Dr. Dennis Bartha. They are both fine and experienced men who are so well respected that many people come from great distances for their services and treatment. I know that both often take patients late after normal work hours. I assure you that they are a real blessing to this Hospital District.

As much as I love my town and brag about it, I must admit that we are sorely in need of a childcare center or more capable loving childcare providers—babysitters in some people’s terminology. I have been told that the limit is four children in the home without a state license. This is such a crucial problem for some parents who need to work to pay expenses. I have noticed that it is difficult to live in a town if you don’t have relatives who can help you with your little ones.

I was shocked to my soul on Wednesday night when heard that a local family’s home was on fire caused by a lightening flash! I feared for that lovely family and was relieved when it started raining so hard in Eads as I thought maybe the rain would help put the fire out. I don’t know specific details, just what I’ve heard about the intense smoke and fire departments that were racing towards Brandon and Chivington.

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