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Day to Day with Doris

By Doris Lessenden

April 26, 2017

Jesus said, “The greatest command is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”  Matthew 22: 33

Doris Lessenden      This week the Eads Junior Class has been decorating the gym for the annual Prom on the theme of  “Hollywood”. in red, black, and silver colors.  Saturday night the student couples were presented in the spotlight before a crowd of interested people.  It was a marvel to see how spectacular the young ladies looked in their lovely long gowns and the young men were remarkably handsome in their suits.  The Senior candidates were Micah Crawford, Lakota Roberson, Cameron Crow, Chance Fowler, and Avery Snover.  The students chose Lakota Roberson to be crowned Prom Queen and Avery Snover was crowned the Prom King.   Little Paisley McLoud and  Quinn Britton were the crown bearers.  The Prom was followed by an After Prom Party where the senior parents sponsored the Party.  Organizations, businesses, and individuals from the community donated money so that really fine gifts could be purchased for the students at the party.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this a night of good memories for the youth.

     The Eads senior citizens were so pleased to have more friends come to the noon dinner.  First time guests were Peggy Billmire who came with Marsha Mousel from Aurora, CO and Pam Mousel from Bennett plus Sheriff Casey Sheridan and Deputy Sheriff Jake Six and C.N.A. Eunice Weber.    New Director Gail Voss cooked chicken fried steaks and gravy served with mashed potatoes made by Joyce Berry to add to all the side dishes and desserts.  The lawmen plan to return next month to make a presentation.    President Loretta Seibel asked Alice Glover and LaVerle Kelley to give a report on the Area on Aging Council that they attend each month.   Loretta also thanked all the volunteers who helped with the Concession stand for three nights at the Plains Theatre.    The next noon meeting will be May17th.  The Sage Meal will be at noon on Wednesday May 3 and the Brunch will be Thursday, March 4th.   The Center will be open for card playing and games like dominos on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.

    We want to welcome new neighbors on Kerr Street, Weston and Kailey (Lane) Meardon and their baby girl, Breckyn, Often times when we are in town or at school events, we see folk we don’t know.  I am quite sure there would be more people moving into our little town if some of the “empty” houses were opened up for rent.

     Melinda (Mitchell) Uy flew from California so she and her sister, Carrie Stavely could take their mother, Virginia, to a doctor in Pueblo.  I have told her when you get those four daughters, (Dawna and Dianna), have them sing for you.  Some of my best memories on long Pep Club bus rides were to hear the four Mitchell girls   sing in such wonderful harmony.

     Michele (Beeson) Weygandt wrote that her father, Clark Beeson, of Parker, CO has passed away.  She had spent much of the last year as a caretaker to him and Charlotte.
The Beesons were former business people in Eads.

    Kenny Robertson died in Arizona last week.  He was one of our good 4-H friends from Arlington in the l950’s and l960’s.   Kenny could play the piano well and one of the songs I remember as a favorite was “Vaya Con Dios”.   He was the son of the late Bev and Ula Robertson.   His burial will be May 6th at 11:00 a.m. at the Sugar City Cemetery.

      The Crow –Luther Culture Events Center Board met Wednesday evening.  They practiced using the new warm butter machine for the pop corn.    CLCEC has purchased a baby changing table which Marty Barnett is going to install.   More events are being booked for using the Theatre such as Sand Creek Anniversary April 25th,  McClave  K-1 class on May 1st, and 4-H fashion Show and Creative Cooks on July 13th  Betsy Barnett and Cindy McCloud have scheduled some good week-end movies through May.  Circle your calendar now for the Maine Street Bash on July 30th

      As a new member of the VFW Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, I helped the ladies in Kit Carson to decorated crosses that Ronald and Shirley White made.  We had many poppies and decorations that Luanna Naugle and Betsy Evans gathered for us to decorate the wooden crosses which we plan to sell for grave markers.  These women’s husbands were in the military and served overseas and they have been active for many years in serving through the Auxiliary.  I could qualify to be a member because my brother, Dwight Lessenden, is a veteran of the Viet Nam War.

     I like to watch our Eads-Kit Carson Baseball Team and the ball fans from my van.  One sweet sight last Tuesday was seeing that tall big Neil (Diamond) Richardson walking hand in hand with his tiny dark haired granddaughter into the ball park.  Another one was when Charlotte Phillips drove up to the park for hugs from her granddaughters and son, Steve Phillips, who were near the Wiley-McClave all fans.    I like to see the teachers who bring their students out to watch the game too.  Later I saw several members of the Track teams running around the city block of the school campus.

    Here is a listing of some parties you may like to attend:  Sunday April 30th my family is hosting an 80th Birthday party at the Prairie Pines to 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. for me, Doris Lessenden, Wed. May 3rd Sage Noon meal, Thursday May 4th- Brunch at the Senior Center at 10:00a.m. Friday May 5th the Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Potluck supper at 5:00 p.m. in the Prairie Pines.  Saturday-May 6th at 2:00 to 4:00 Bridal Shower for Shalyn Laird and Keith Smith at the Prairie Pines.  Sunday May 7th at 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Diaper Shower in the Cobble Stone for Cassie and Bennie Frey to meet their daughter, Monroe Sue and EHS Baccalaureate at 6:30 p.m. at the Baptist Church.

     There are hundred and hundreds of orange and black Monarch Butterflies migrating though Eads from Mexico this week.  I have seen small ones in town.  I heard that they are really flourishing around Chris Sorenson’s and Phil and Madonna Pollreis’s homes on Kiowa Creek.   I like to watch the huge turkey vultures that have been migrating though.  One morning I counted nine birds perched in the court house trees.  Last fall I counted 12 vultures from my art room window as the roosted in the court house trees.

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